The Middle S9E6 Review

This week's episode continues both the Sue and Sean Donahue story and the ending of last week's episode, where Frankie's mom went to the hospital.

S9E6 "The Setup"

As Sue and Sean talk about dating, Sue suggests that they set each other up on dates, despite the fact that they both obviously want to date each other. Sue tells Brad about what happened, and this scene is hilarious, as Brad is a great audience for a story. Sean decides, instead of setting Sue up with someone, to be her date, but things go wrong in a very funny way when Sue thinks that the person delivering Lexi's dinner is her date.

At the end of the episode, Sue tells Sean that she liked the guy she ended up going out with. This is a nice added complication to Sue and Sean's story, but I feel like it's about time that they actually get together, especially with so few episodes left of the series now.

Frankie is taking care of her mom after her visit to the hospital last week. However, Frankie's mom is being a total pain. Eventually, she lashes out at her. Mike comforts her after this, and it's very funny when he starts to quote Sue's inspirational posters. This story has a sweet ending, when Frankie recalls how her mom helped her when her kids were young.

There is also a very funny scene where Brick and Axl try to figure out what exactly it is that Mike does at work, and they decide that they need sleep more than he does. They end up oversleeping, and Axl has to use the Winnebago instead of the bus to take the kids to school. This leads to a chaotic commute, which is funny, but causes Axl to get fired.

I didn't care much for Frankie's story for most of the episode because I felt like it went too far in making her mom obnoxious, but it came to a great conclusion. Sue and Sean's story was well planned-out, but I do feel like it's going on for too long now.

Score: 7.5/10

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