Predict the Ratings of the CBS Thursday Premieres

Tonight, CBS will premiere their Thursday line-up for the season, with newbies Young Sheldon and SWAT joining seasoned vets The Big Bang Theory, Mom, and Life In Pieces on the lineup. Big Bang has been airing for theist month, and Young Sheldon had a special premiere over a month ago, but th others have yet to air any episodes.

The Big Bang Theory, Thursdays at 8 on CBS:
Leading off the night is the Big Bang Theory, CBS's number one show and the shining star of the CBS comedy lineup. It has averaged a 3.15 in its Monday run, most recently registering a 2.8. Will Big Bang stay around 2.8 for its Thursday debut or will it increase (or decrease) on its new-old night?

Young Sheldon, Thursdays at 8:30 on CBS:
Young Sheldon delivered one of the most impressive ratings of any new show this past decade, with an astounding 3.8 rating that left everyone speechless. It was an incredible debut, fueled in large part by a ginormous TBBT. Now that Big Bang has lost a good deal of steam, will Young Sheldon collapse or will it hold up about as well as it possible could?

Mom, Thursdays at 9 on CBS:
One of the Eye's longest-running comedies, Mom averaged a solid 1.43 in its fourth season. That was with a weak Great Indoors lead-in, and it is very likely that Young Sheldon will be a big improvement on the Not-So-Great Indoors. Will Mom take advantage of that or will return down?

Life in Pieces, Thursdays at 9:30 on CBS:
Life In Pieces has never been huge, but it has been a decent performer for CBS in its two seasons. It's returning to the 9:30 slot again for season 3. Will it return solid or will it fall apart?

SWAT, Thursdays at 10 on CBS:
The only show on this list that has never aired a single episode, SWAT has a lot going against it. The Thursdays at 10 slot is seemingly cursed for CBS. Its lead-in isn't huge. And it will premiere while being heavily preempted. Will it rise against that or will it flop like most other occupants of this deathslot?

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