Life In Pieces Season 3 Episode 2 Review

Life in Pieces returned for season three last week with a good, if not spectacular, episode that showed us what the heck these Shorts have been up to. I'm hoping this week's episode will be better than last week's, but being just as good would be fine too.

In the first story, Greg and Jen are having a dinner for her boss Paul and his wife. Paul doesn't know that Lark exists, though, so that's gonna work out great. Paul's wife is talking about how she rescues teacup poodles, and Jen offers to donate some money. However, Jen can't remember her name. Greg tries to help by asking her how to spell her name, but that doesn't help. It's revealed that her name is somehow released to a garden, but they still can't figure it out. Jen overhears Paul calling her "Bunny," so she goes with that. She calls her Bunny many times, confusing both of them. Paul and his wife get ready to leave, and then she starts calling Greg "Bunny." Paul reveals that Bunny is his pet name for Rose (his wife). And then, Rose calls Greg "Peter."

In the second story, Tyler is still trying to get over Clementine, who has moved on pretty quickly. Tim encourages him to get out there and live life to the fullest, so he dos. He meets someone on an app for  divorcees, and she isn't exactly the most normal person. Tim's super proud of Tyler for his one night stand, but he does clarify that he still really loves Heather and would never do anything. Alex, his one night stand, does not want to be his one night stand, and Tyler kinda offers to let her stay for the whole weekend. And her kids are also staying. Tyler is being driven crazy by the kids, and he goes to talk to Tim about it. Tim doesn't get it.

In the third story, Colleen asks Matt to not use protection when they have sex, and he wakes up to find her heavily pregnant, and he starts freaking out. Then, it is revealed that they are living in his parents garage again. Matt then goes to a job interview with John, and the job is for being a father. When Matt gets home, he finds out that they're having quadruplets. He lays down, then wakes up to find Joan, who is giving him a Rorschach test. Then, he's at school for some reason and he runs out of time on his test. Colleen then calls for him, as the babies are arriving. He misses the birth, and then quickly wakes up to find out that everything is okay.

In the fourth story, Heather runs into the kitchen with a chore wheel, and she quickly rushes to help Joan take out the trash. She finds a bunch of wine bottles, and thinks Joan has a drinking problem. She tells her brothers, all while she in drinking wine herself. Later, Greg asks Joan if she wants more wine, and she says no. However, Joan does want to drink when Heather comes in to help her with cooking. Greg and Matt come to the conclusion that Joan has a Heather problem, not a drinking problem. They go to talk to Joan about Heather, and she lies about her Heather problem. She soon admits that Heather is driving her nuts, but she doesn't want them to tell Heather about it. Later, they tell Heather the Joan is drinking because she's overwhelmed, but Heather doesn't understand that it's all about Heather, and not at all about the rest of the family. The next day, Heather tells Joan about a trip the family is taking to Disney. Joan gets worked up (because she'll finally be free), but is soon crushed when Heather says that she'll be staying home. Heather plans a spa day, during which Joan gets trashed. Joan then reveals that she hired a contractor, and Heather is super excited about it. That poor contractor.

This episode was really uneven. I loved the fourth story, and thought that the first was pretty good. However, I thought the second was really mediocre and the third was just bad. Everything about the fourth story was perfect, and I couldn't stop laughing during it. Greg telling Matt he's now "one of the top two kids" was one of my favorite jokes during this episode. I also enjoyed that the story will lead to progress on the Hugheses moving back home.
My Score: 7.5/10
My Grade: B-

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