Do Not Resuscitate: Desperate Housewives


From soapy dramas to comedy, Desperate Housewives lasted for eight seasons and 180 episodes. Set in the suburb of Wisteria Lane, Desperate Housewives follows a group of women as seen through the eyes of a friend that committed suicide in the pilot episode. By the end of the series, it had surpassed Charmed with the most episodes featuring all female leads. 

The Original Hit Machine -- Desperate Housewives (2004-2012)

The show premiered with a 8.9 in A18-49 and over 21 million viewers on Sunday night, where it always aired throughout its eight season run. Season 1 ended with a 13.4 in the key demo, rising along with viewership of over 30 million. It gave ABC the biggest success, being well received by both viewers and critics alike. 

The show was also credited for turning around ABC's declining fortunes. 

The fifth season saw a time jump of five years. 

In later seasons, however, the show ended up placing out of the top 10 and then out of the top 30 by dropping 20% each season. The final season of the show averaged a 2.74 in the key A18-49 demo and 8.76 million viewers, down 21% from season 7. 

The show ended up being outshined by newbie Once Upon a Time as it became a powerhouse in its own right. 

Reasons this Show Needs to Stay Canceled

1. The cast has since moved on to new projects. 
2. Primetime soap operas have not lasted as long as this show did as of recent. That is, unless you're Grey's Anatomy.

And there you have it with Do Not Resuscitate. 

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