Saturday Cable Ratings 12/31/22: CNN New Year’s Eve Jumps, Massive Peach Bowl More Than Triples 2021 Rating

Below are the top 50 programs on cable on Saturday, 12/31/2022. Items of note include CNN New Year's Eve Live on CNN, College Football on ESPN, and All American New Year's on Fox News.

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18-49 Viewers

Viewers (mil.)

Peach BowlESPN5.8621.74
Fiesta BowlESPN5.4220.93
Sugar BowlESPN2.339.14
College Football Bowl StudioESPN2.238.45
New Year's Eve Live with Anderson Cooper and Andy CohenCNN0.612.08
College GamedayESPN0.511.81
New Year's Eve Live with Don LemonCNN0.361.25
All American New Year'sFox News0.211.57
All American New Year'sFox News0.181.14
Fiesta Bowl ESPN20.180.63
Peach BowlESPN20.170.55
Premier LeagueUSA0.160.50
All American New Year'sFox News0.141.39
Premier League Live StudioUSA0.140.36
All American New Year'sFox News0.110.66
The KitchenFood0.101.11
Premier League Live StudioUSA0.090.26
Fox & Friends SaturdayFox News0.091.44
CNN NewsroomCNN0.090.80
Guy's Ranch KitchenFood0.090.86
CNN NewsroomCNN0.090.75
Magnolia TableFood0.090.93
Premier LeagueUSA0.090.29
All American New Year'sFox News0.091.21
CNN NewsroomCNN0.080.71
CNN NewsroomCNN0.080.68
CNN NewsroomCNN0.070.65
Cavuto LiveFox News0.071.23
CNN NewsroomCNN0.070.67
CNN NewsroomCNN0.070.65
Love & Marriage: HuntsvilleOWN0.070.39
College BasketballESPN0.070.21
CNN NewsroomCNN0.070.78
The FiveFox News0.071.17
Cavuto LiveFox News0.071.35
Fox & Friends SaturdayFox News0.060.99
All American New Year'sFox News0.060.40
CNN Newsroom LiveCNN0.060.37
Fox News LiveFox News0.060.96
Fox & Friends SaturdayFox NewsTBATBA
Fox News LiveFox NewsTBATBA
Fox Report with Jon ScottFox NewsTBATBA
Who Can Forget 2022?Fox NewsTBATBA
Janet JacksonLifetimeTBATBA

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