Our House Season 5 Episode 14 - Our Double Date

Our House Season 5, Episode 14

Our Double Date

Danielle walks into the house.

Danielle: Oh, Teri, you owe me one. Big time.

Teri: For what am I indebted to you over now?

Danielle: Okay, first off, incredible news: that hunky pharmacist I work with broke up with his girlfriend! She was cheating on him!

Cindy: That’s good news?

Danielle: He told me this a few days ago. Apparently it happened last month, but he was too sad to talk about it. All fine with me, I don’t like talking about feelings at work anyway.

Ralph: When does the good news start?

Danielle: Well, today, I told him about you, Teri, and I said what a lovely lady you are. Y’know, typical sugarcoating. He’s very interested in going on a date with you. I got his number for you.

Teri: Am I so pathetic and lonely that my friends have to set up dates for me now?

Betty: You’re not getting any younger, honey. Clock’s ticking on that uterus!

Teri: Why must you speak?

Ralph: It’s not Teri’s uterus to control, anyway. That’s what Cindy and Jerry say.

Cindy: So I went to the March for Life? Is there a problem with utilizing my First Amendment rights?

Ralph: No, I just think you’re an idiot.

Karl: How does it always wrap around to an argument about abortion?

Ralph: If they weren’t so obsessed with controlling people’s bodies, it wouldn't come up.

Cindy: If he wasn’t so obsessed with policing other peoples’ thoughts, it woul-

Karl: Okay, enough of that.

Danielle: Correct, enough. I wasn’t done telling Teri about her future husband.

Teri: I really don’t know if I’m ready to throw myself back out there.

Ralph: Come on, you got divorced almost a year ago!

Teri: It was an annulment! Saying I got divorced after one day makes me sound pathetic.

Ralph: You’re right, it’s not embarrassing at all to say you got married by accident.

Tammi: If it’s good enough for Britney, it’s good enough for you.

Teri: At least someone married me, Ralph.

Velma: Technically, if it’s annulled, it’s never considered to have happened at all. So it’s a tie!

Teri: Don’t sound so happy about it.

Danielle: So -

Teri: Yes, if it will shut you up about it, I will call him. I could stand to get out of the house for a while, anyway.

Danielle: Woohoo! We did it! She’s wading into the dating pool again.

Betty: Just in case this works, and I have full confidence it will because I believe in you, but have you considered freezing your eggs?

Teri: Mother!

Ralph: Would that be okay with you guys, Cindy? Or does that viol-

Cindy: I’m going to punch you.

Ralph: That doesn’t sound very pro-li-

Mitchell: Wow, she’s got mean left hook. She could’ve been in the WWE.

Three days later…

Danielle: Tomorrow’s the big day! You excited? Nervous?

Teri: I don’t think I want to do this.

Danielle: No! You can’t bail on him, his self esteem is already so low after the breakup. He’s such a nice guy, give him a shot.

Teri: I don’t even remember what his name is. Did you ever even tell me?

Danielle: It’s Damon.

Teri: Damon? Okay, didn’t remember that at all.

Velma: Why don’t you want to go now?

Teri: I was sort of forced into it to begin with, you know?

Danielle: I did not force you. I strongly suggested you go on the date. There’s a difference. There’s nuance there.

Teri: I felt pressured, for sure. Now I don’t feel comfortable.

Karl: What did he do? Did he send an inappropriate sext? I don’t want to see it, but if he did, I will go beat him up.

Frank: I think that’s a job for Cindy after what we’ve learned recently.

Teri: He did nothing wrong. I just don’t feel comfortable going on a date right now. I’m not in the right headspace for it. My last breakup was tough.

Betty: Honey, can I say something, honestly?

Teri: You just want me to get pregnant because you want a grandchild not birthed by a high school student.

Tammi: You know, I’d say we worked out pretty well. Well, I did. Zeke’s a mixed bag.

Mitchell: Zeke is never around, he’s with his girlfriend. I’d say Zeke is doing the best out of all of us.

Velma: Oh, would you?

Mitchell: You bully me!

Betty: I going to say it anyway. I want you to be happy and not wallow in self pity over a relationship that failed two years ago.

Teri: Two years?

Betty: January 2021. That was -

Teri: When you put it like that, it really hits you.

Betty: Get out there and give this guy a chance. I promise you, whether it works or not, you will be grateful you got back out there.

Cindy: I’m going to throw an idea out there, okay?

Ralph: You never hesitate to any other time.

Cindy: You want another punch? My right arm is rested, tested and ready.

Ralph: I will be quiet now, but I will not be silenced forever.

Cindy: Teri, what if we do a double date? Jerry and I need to get out for a while, too, and our presence will give you a bit of familiarity that can ease you back into things.

Teri: I must be honest, I really did think that going on double dates with my sister was a thing of the past. More specifically, I thought it was a thing I’d left behind in middle school.

Frank: You mean when Cindy got knocked up?

Betty: I don’t think you have any room to talk there, so shut it up.

Teri: You know what? At the risk of making a fool of myself, I'm going to give in to familial pressure and go on this date. And, Cindy, you are coming with.

Cindy: Hear that, Jerry? We’ve been asked on a date!

Jerry: I can hardly contain my excitement.

The next night…

Teri: All right, everyone! I am ready for my date.

Mitchell: You don’t; have to announce it to the whole house. I thought you were alerting us to something major happening.

Velma: What Mitchell is trying to say is he thought you were ringing the dinner bell and he’s gutted to hear you were not.

Betty: It will be ready when it’s ready. Is that so difficult to accept?

Teri: Sounds like you guys have a great night ahead of you. I’m going to get going, see you later.

Betty: Are you forgetting something?

Ralph: Something that often thumps the Bible?

Teri: Oh, is she in the bathroom again? How tiny is her bladder?

Jerry: She drinks a lot.

Teri: Well, I would too if I were married to you, but that’s no excuse to hold up my night. She signed up for this herself.

Cindy: I’m coming, I’m coming! Sorry for the minute delay, I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.

Teri: Eh, I’ll see. Gonna take a while.

Jerry: On that note, we need to go. Can’t keep Damon Wayans waiting any longer.

Frank: Is Teri actually going on a dat-

Betty: Idiot.

Tammi: One of these days I’ll teach you what humor is, honey.

At dinner…

Cindy: Teri, where is he?

Teri: I don’t know.

Cindy: Do you not know what he looks like?

Teri: Just from a little profile picture on Facebook.

Cindy: You’re on a date with a man who you’ve never even seen before?

Teri: I was forced to do this.

Cindy: Okay, pull uphill Facebook account.

Jerry: What is happening?

Cindy: We’re trying to find a picture of Teri’s date so we know what he looks like. Is that difficult to understand?

Jerry: I just can't believe she doesn’t know what he looks like.

Teri: It was sort of a blind date, don’t be a dick about it.

Jerry: Can’t you just shout his name out instead of standing here looking like a couple of space cadets on your phones?

Teri: I don’t want to look crazy.

Jerry: Why change now?

Cindy: I see no pictures of him on his Facebook page, just a group picture. And why is his profile picture Janelle James from Abbott Elementary? By the way way, don’t believe that show, most principals care deeply about their schools. I certainly do.

Teri: See, I told you. It’s not my fault I don’t know what the man looks like.

Jerry: Danielle never showed you a picture of him?

Teri: No.

Jerry: I’d say this is a great start to the date.

Cindy: Would we look insane if we went up to ever man sitting by himself and asked if he’s Damon?

Teri: Slightly, yeah.

Jerry: How about you text him and ask him to wave?

Teri: That’s a good idea.

Jerry: I’m full of those.

Cindy: Is that him?

Teri: Who?

Cindy: The man waving…

Teri: Oh. I guess it’s him. I don’t know.

Cindy: He’s very, uh, very pretty.

Jerry: Pretty?

Cindy: Handsome. Attractive. Hot. Those work better?

Teri: They are all accurate.

Cindy: How about we head over there? See it up close.

Teri: On my way!

Man: Teri? That you?

Teri: I’m assuming you’re Damon?

Man: Yeah, that’d be me. Very nice to meet you.

Teri: I’ve heard a lot about you from Danielle. Never saw a picture of you, though.

Damon: Who are these folks with you?

Teri: Oh, I’m being rude! This is my sister Cindy and her husband, Jerry. They’re the couple mentioned might do a double date with us.

Damon: Ah, okay. Nice to meet you both.

Cindy: The pleasure is ours. No one’s taken her out in years.

Jerry: Years!

Teri: Instantly regretting this.

Cindy: I think we’re embarrassing her.

Jerry: Okay, we’ll move on from her failed relationships. Damon, whaddaya do for a living?

Damon: I’m a pharmacist.

Jerry: Oh, right. I forgot you work with Danielle. I’m retired US Army.

Damon: Once an Army man, always an Army man.

Jerry: That’s the Marines, but I get what you were going for.

Cindy: I’m a school principal. I shape the minds of our youth.

Jerry: Technically you're just the boss of the people who do that.

Cindy: People often say that it’s the principal who is the real heart of a school.

Damon: My aunt used to be a teacher, I have such respect for anyone who dedicates their time to providing children with an education.

Teri: Not that I seem to be allowed to share, but I work in retail. I’m an assistant to the manager.

Jerry: Like Dwight Schrute.

Teri: No, not like Dwight Schrute. I’m good at my job.

Jerry: If you insist.

Cindy: What kind of music do you like?

Teri: Sounds like you’re interrogating him.

Cindy: I just want to get to know him!

Jerry: Oh look, the waitress is here! You go first, Damon.

Thirty minutes later…

Teri: Damon, do you like to travel?

Jerry: You look like a traveling man. Ever been to Jamaica?

Cindy: I love Jamaica. It’s probably my favorite place to go on vacation. Plus, it gave us Bob Marley.

Jerry (singing, off-key): No woman, no cry

Teri: Okay, Damon. The three of us have to step away, we’ll be right back.

Cindy: Do we?

Teri: Yes.

Teri, Cindy and Jerry walk out to the lobby.

Jerry: I thought everything was going well. Don’t you like him?

Cindy: We’ll run back in and tell him you’re not feeling well and need to go home to rest if you’re not feeling this.

Teri: I don’t know how I could possibly decide one way or another, no one’s letting me speak. I feel like I tagged along on a date with a throuple.

Jerry: A throuple?

Cindy: A new communist term, ignore it.

Teri: This doesnt’ feel like my date because you two won’t shut up! Let me talk to him for a change, please.

Cindy: I didn’t mean to ruin your date. I’m just trying to lighten the mood, get you comfortable.

Teri: I appreciate your eagerness to keep the conversation flowing, I just don’t want it to flow right past me.

Cindy: We will dial back our discussions. Right, Jerry?

Jerry: I guess. He seems like a cool guy, though, I’ve been enjoying the discussion very much.

Teri: Maybe I can set the two of you up on a date, in that case.

Jerry: No, that won’t be necessary. I have enough friends.

Teri: Do you?

Back at the table…

Teri: Okay, we’re ba-

Jerry: Dude… you okay?

Damon: I’m sorry, I don’t mean to cry.

Teri: Crying is the sign of an emotionally healthy person.

Damon: You all seem lovely, although some of you are more talkative than others.

Teri: Not my fault.

Damon: I just think I’ve jumped into this too soon. I was in a relationship for three years, we just split three weeks ago. I need time to work on myself and figure out what went wrong in my relationship.

Teri: Oh… that’s perfectly understandable. I broke up with my ex two years ago and barely was able to go on this date.

Damon: I’m glad you understand. I feel like I’m cheating on her, even though she dumped me. Even worse, I feel like I’m cheating on her with three people.

Jerry: Just to be clear, I’m not dating you.

Cindy: Does this mean no dessert?

Later that night…

Danielle: How did it go? I need all the details!

Betty: When’s the baby due?

Ralph: Mom? Really?

Betty: I’m just asking a question!

Ralph: A gross question.

Teri: It was a disaster. Firstly, Cindy and Jerry wouldn’t shut the hell up.

Tammi: What? Mom?

Cindy: I’m a people person, what can I say?

Teri: So that was the first half-hour. Then he started crying -

Ralph: Oof.

Teri: Yeah, oof. He wasn’t over his breakup and couldn’t continue seeing me. He felt like he was cheating on me.

Danielle: In hindsight, the breakup was very recent.

Teri: He said he was ready to propose to her.

Danielle: I saw the ring, too. She was a fool for not sticking around long enough to get that.

Karl: Well, honey, not every date is going to go well. It’s not on you.

Teri: I know. Weirdly enough, this was just what I needed to realize I really do have to get back out there. From now on, though, I will be going solo on these dates

Cindy: Aww. I enjoyed jumping back into the dating world.

Steven: Ew, I don’t want to think about you on a date.

Cindy: I was very good at dating back in the day.

Ralph: In high school, that is.

Teri: We could all tell tonight, Cindy.

Danielle: Let’s not lose the plot here. I fixed Teri. You’re welcome. Betty, you’re going to get that grandkid because of me.

Teri: Danielle, the date you set up for me went so disastrously, anyone normal would write off dating forever. You’re just lucky I’m nowhere near “normal.”

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