ABC Renew/Cancel Week 14: Big Sky and Home Economics Exit Stage Left... Is It Permanent This Time?

This week on the ABC Renew/Cancel, the focus is on two third-season veterans that recently wrapped up their seasons after short orders. Will either survive? Keep reading for my thoughts.

Certain Cancellation:

Likely Cancellation:
Alaska Daily (0.24, 0.17-0.32)

Leans Cancellation:
Big Sky (0.25, 0.19-0.31)
Home Economics (0.35, 0.30-0.41)

Leans Renewal:
The Goldbergs (0.38, 0.34-0.44)
The Good Doctor (0.32, 0.25-0.39)
Will Trent (0.34, 0.30-0.38)

Likely Renewal:
The Rookie: Feds (0.29, 0.21-0.44)

Certain Renewal:
The Conners (0.53, 0.46-0.61)
Grey's Anatomy (0.49, 0.40-0.55)
The Rookie (0.40, 0.27-0.64)
Station 19 (0.49, 0.44-0.53)

Already Canceled/Ending:
A Million Little Things

Already Renewed:
Abbott Elementary

Coming Soon:
The Company You Keep
Not Dead Yet
The Wonder Years

Big Sky: In its shortest season yet, Big Sky managed to slow down the bleeding this season, losing "only" 21% this season compared to the 46% decline in season two. Despite that, it wasn't enough for Big Sky to avoid being the second-lowest-rated show on ABC this season. Its 0.25 average was certainly nothing to brag about, and the second "half" (in reality, it was only three episodes) of the season was particularly paltry, with just a 0.23 average for its 2023 airings. While those ratings are rough enough, far worse is its delayed viewing, where it heavily trails Alaska Daily and is ABC's lowest-rated drama. While this show has managed to defy the odds in the past and score renewals in spite of its ratings, the show was heavily rebooted this season with a high-profile cast addition that did nothing for its ratings, or its multiplatform performance. Having failed what felt like a test from ABC, this feels like an obvious time for it to go. It LEANS CANCELLATION as it wraps season three.

Home Economics: Ratings wise, Home Economics has never looked better. Upon wrapping its first season, its year-to-year average is up 1% from last year, a rare feat. Shows up year-to-year are rarely canceled (recent comedy Bless This Mess had an identical gain and was canceled after a timeslot upgrade in season two), but it does happen sometimes when the previous renewal seemed iffy to begin with. I would've guessed that Home Economics, an apparent ABC favorite, would have easily survived the season.... if it didn't air its season finale in mid-January. A thirteen episode season, particularly after having a full season last year, is a warning sign for any show. The creators of the show indicated that this was a space issue, with ABC needing to make room for Not Dead Yet. The problem, though, is that ABC clearly sees Home Economics as replaceable and non-essential, and I suppose they wouldn't have shortened it if they were sincerely confident in it. If ABC wants room for a new comedy next season, at least two in-season comedies (not counting The Wonder Years, which is summer-bound) will have to go this season, unless there is a comedy expansion (which seems unlikely). The Conners and Abbott Elementary are legitimate hits, and The Goldbergs has a clear renewal edge, leaving Home Economics out in the cold. Home Economics LEANS CANCELLATION on a space-challenged ABC.

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