The CW Renew/Cancel Part 5: Time for Walker Independence to Walk Away

The CW Renew/Cancel returns this week, with some positive news for one show and some unfortunate news for another. Keep reading to see which show looks likely to fall victim to the network sale.




Likely Renewal

All American: Homecoming

Leans Renewal

Walker Independence

Leans Cancellation

The Winchesters

Leans Cancellation

Kung Fu

Likely Cancellation

All American




Gotham Knights

Premiering in March

Superman & Lois

Returning in March

Nancy Drew

Final Season

The Flash

Final Season


Final Season

Walker Independence: With tepid ratings from the start, Independence was always heavily on the bubble, particularly with The CW expected to heavily cut down on its programming lineup, which was already heavily slimmed down last year to begin with. There have been reports of the network's new owners wanting between three and five scripted programs on their lineup next season, which means at least three more shows from this season have to be canceled (four have already been confirmed to be done this season). While I believe it is a more likely pickup than The Winchesters or Kung Fu, I think Independence will most likely be canceled as well. While same-day ratings are unlikely to be the sole factor in these decisions, they probably can't be entirely ignored, either, and the ratings for Independence are not good. With a 0.06 average, it is currently The CW's lowest-rated scripted program. Its total viewership figures (which were, at its start, relatively healthy by CW standards) have also tapered off as of late, with pretty weak retention from its parent series. In another year, this show would probably limp to a four season run, which previously seemed to be the bare minimum for a CW show aside from an unlucky few, but with so few slots left (and, by some accounts the number of slots actually decreasing since the first reports of a programming cut), I don't think it will survive. It's possible that it could survive if Nexstar views Walker as an extremely valuable asset for them, but it LEANS CANCELLATION at this point.

All American: Since our last update, All American was renewed for a sixth season. It's an earned renewal, and one that confirms that, at the very least, something scripted will remain on The CW next season. What joins it remains a mystery.

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