Marietta Season 5 Episode 4 - Kiss the Ring

Raymond Island Season 5, Episode 4
Kiss the Ring

Milton is in Kate’s office.

Kate: You look nervous. Is something wrong? Or are you just under the weather?

Milton: Can I tell you a secret?

Kate: Only tell it if you don’t mind Ellie hearing it.

Ellie: You can trust me!

Milton: I know. You can tell no one this. Not even Marietta.

Ellie: That’ll be hard. It’s nearly impossible resist telling her news and having her bush it off and saying “that’s nice, did you hear about Ron Marks?”

Milton: Okay, I can tell you. I’m pretty confident you’re not going to tell my sister.

Kate: Loose lips sink ships! And Senate majorities, but that’s not relevant here.

Milton: I’m going to propose to Moira.

Kate: That’s wonderful! I’ve known you for decades, I’ve always said you’re a catch.

Milton: Oh, don’t make me blush!

Kate: I’m not around the two of you all that often, but when I am, one thing is clear. She makes you happy, and you make her happy. I’m so glad you found “the one.”

Ellie: The real question is whether she wants to marry you,.

Kate: Oh my god, you’re an idiot!

Ellie: I’m aware.

Milton: We’re going to find out tomorrow, Ellie. I sure hope the answer is yes, because I just love her so much.

Ellie: I was just pulling your leg, you know. She’s going to say yes. She’s crazy about you.

Kate: I do have to ask, though. Why couldn’t Marietta know about this?

Milton: You do know her, right? She’d immediately let it slip to someone, and before you know it, all of city hall knows it, including Moira.

Kate: Did you pick out the ring yet?

Milton: Yup, I’ve got it in my office safe. I picked it out last night.

Ellie: Wow, this is pretty down-to-the-wire.

Milton: Well, if you didn’t have me running freshman orientation, I’d have gotten it sooner.

Kate: I know this is unrelated to the engagement conversation -

Milton: God, when you put it like that…

Kate: I know. Pretty exciting, right? Anyhow, I just wanted to congratulate you on all the success running the DSCC this year. You nearly got us sixty seats in the Senate! That’s nearly a filibuster-proof majority, and certainly enough votes to kill the filibuster if that would ever need to happen. You flipped Kansas!

Ellie: Would’ve been nice to hold Washington but eh, can’t win ‘em all.

Milton: I appreciate it, girls. It took up a hell of a lot of time, but it was all worth it in the end.

Kate: Any open chairmanship on a committee that you want, it’s yours. You’re earned this.

Milton: Everything’s coming up Milton, ain’t it?

Kate: I take that as a yes on chairing a committee?

Milton: Who would ever say no?

Kate: You would be surprised.

Ellie: Stop bullying me for that! I wasn’t ready!

Kate: The bully thinks I’m bullying?

Milton: Okay, I’m going to go before I get wrapped up in this drama and miss my flight.

Kate: Drama? No drama here! We’re just kidding.

Ellie: Maybe you are.

Kate: You’re going to make me go crazy.

Ellie: That’s the intention! That’s my only chance at Majority Leader!

Later that night…

Patty Lynn: Milton, honey, what are you doing here? It’s Friday!

Milton: Is it? I didn’t notice.

Patty Lynn: You didn’t know? You’re clearly working too hard!

Kathleen: I worked in Congress. No, he is not working too hard.

Martin: I believe he was joking about not knowing it was Friday.

Patty Lynn: I didn’t know. Sometimes I forget what day it is.

Martin: We know.

Patty Lynn: What does bring you here today, though? You never come back home this early.

Milton: I missed New Orleans too much.

Patty Lynn: Sure.

Milton: Really, I had something to tell you all that I was just too excited to tell you.

Martin: Well, I take it you haven’t told Marietta yet.

Milton: The whole city hasn’t heard yet, so no.

Patty Lynn: She doesn’t have that big of a mouth!

Martin: Oh, honey. She does.

Kathleen: What’s the story, morning glory? We need to know what was so important that you had to fly here to tell us in person when you were already set to be come home tomorrow.

Milton: Don’t tell Marietta, okay?

Patty Lynn: She’s not that bad!

Martin: We’ve been over this.

Milton: Mom, I don’t want you telling anyone.

Patty Lynn: I won’t, but now I’m very curious about why this is so to-secret.

Milton: Tomorrow, oh I’m so nervous about this, I’m going to propose to Moira.

Patty Lynn: No way!

Kathleen: Our boy’s finally settling down!

Patty Lynn: Our boy?

Kathleen: I’m part of this family!

Patty Lynn: Sure.

Martin: I’m excited for you, son. I didn’t always expect it to take this long, sure, but I did always say,  when you found the right one, you’d know.

Milton: Thank you for the mild roast in there, dad.

Martin: Not meant as a roast, just stating a fact. It’s worth the wait when it results in finding the one you truly love.

Kathleen: Take it from me, you really want to find the one. Divorce is not fun.

Martin: Why are you bringing up divorce now?

Kathleen: I’m just saying, I know he’s sure about Moira, and I’m glad he waited for her instead of having to go down he path I went down.

Patty Lynn: She is an expert on divorce, she did do it twice.

Kathleen: I’m not exactly Elizabeth Taylor. Twice is not that much.

Martin: Enough about divorce!

Patty Lynn: Yes, you’re right. Milton, you want anything to eat? You look like you’re hungry.

Milton: It was a long flight…

Patty Lynn: Don’t worry, mama’s here. No starving children on my watch!

Milton: Oh, so we’re done talking about my potential engagement?

Martin: We’ll talk with you about it, don’t you worry.

The next morning…

Milton: Sarah!

Sarah: Yes, father dear?

Milton: Don’t say that.

Sarah: All right, papa. Can you hear me?

Milton: Yes, I can hear you, Ms. Streisand. Have you been in my luggage today?

Sarah: No. Why?

Milton: Something’s missing from it. Something important.

Sarah: Well that’s a shame. Are we going to do something today before we go to grandma and grandpa’s? Maybe something with Moira?

Milton: I have to go make a phone call.

Sarah: Hopefully setting something up. Private mini golf session?

Milton: Dream on!

Milton steps into his bedroom and calls Kate.

Milton: Kate! Have you left for the airport yet?

Kate: Just about to now. How did you parents react?

Milton: All three of them were thrilled.

Kate: I’m not even going to ask.

Milton: I have something to ask of you. I’m sorry.

Kate: The worry in your voice makes me worry.

Milton: I left the ring in my office.

Kate: You did not!

Milton: I did!

Kate: Milton…

Milton: There’s nothing you can say about me that I haven’t already said about myself.

Kate: Do you want me to get the ring for you?

Milton: You’d do that?

Kate: That’s why you were calling, wasn’t it?

Milton: No, I was calling to ask you if you could have an intern get it to me.

Kate: That would break many laws. Leave that to Marietta. I will get the ring, don’t you dare worry for a single second!

Milton: How are you going to do that?

Kate: I have my connections in the Post Office. They won’t let us down.

Milton: You trust that? 100%?

Kate: I got this! No stress for you today!

Milton: I’m about to ask the woman of my dreams to marry me. There will be a lot of stress no matter what.

Kate: No stress about the ring, then. It’ll all be fine.

Milton: Okay, Kate! Thank you!

Kate: No problem, good luck tonight!

Later that night…

Milton: I don’t mean to interrupt this captivating conversation, but Marietta, Sarah, I need to talk to you.

Marietta: We were in the middle of a thrilling conversation about Dancing with the Stars, so this'd better be good!

Amy: Please keep her away long enough so she’ll forget what we were talking about. 

Marietta: That was uncalled for.

In the other room…

Sarah: Are we in trouble? Is this about your suitcase?

Marietta: Suitcase? I know nothing of a suitcase.

Milton: I have something very important to tell the both of you.

Sarah: You’re quitting the Senate?

Milton: No, I just got a promotion!

Sarah: How does one get a promotion in the Senate?

Marietta: A lot of hard work and schmoozing.

Sarah: Dad does know how to schmooze.

Milton: Can we focus, please? What I have to tell you is not about anything involving the Senate.

Sarah: We got yelled at.

Marietta: I’m used to it.

Milton: Tonight, I’m going to propose to Moira!

Sarah: Ahhh! Finally!

Marietta: She can do better.

Milton: I appreciate the excitement.

Marietta: I am excited for you, actually. At least one of us should be happily married!

Sarah: Are you two going to have a kid? Am I no longer going to be your little miracle?

Milton: I think we’re a bit past that point. Ten to fifteen years past.

Sarah: Ah, well.

Marietta: When are you going to pop the question?

Milton: After dinner. I can’t interrupt it, mom would have a fit. She worked too hard on it, as we constantly have to hear.

Marietta: Do you want me to take a video for Instagram? That’s very “in” these days.

Sarah: Don’t you mean TikTok?

Marietta: No, Kesha.

Milton: I’m a senator, I am not posting my engagement video online. I wouldn’t mind having a video for ourselves, though.

Marietta: Okay, time to put my director’s hat on!

One hour later…

Moira: Don’t mind me, I‘m going to quick run to the bathroom.

Tammy: Do you need me to move my seat?

Moira: No, I’m good.

Moira walks out of the room.

Milton: Okay, it’s almost go time. I do have one problem, though.

Kathleen: Oh, he’s getting cold feet.

Milton: I don’t have cold feet. I just don’t have a ring.

Marietta: You didn’t think of this? When did you decide this, ten minutes ago?

Milton: I have a ring, Kate was supposed to be sending it to me, but that seems to not be panning out as expected.

Marietta: Kate? You told her before you told me?

Tammy: Told her what?

Amy: Context clues, Tammy.

Tammy: Huh?

Amy: He’s proposing.

Tammy: Oh! That’s amazing!

Marietta: He told Kate first! Not amazing!

Tammy: Well, you’ve got a big mouth. You would have spoiled it.

Patty Lynn: Martin, can I…?

Martin: I suppose.

Marietta: She’s sacrificing herself to God so he’ll get the ring to arrive faster.

Kathleen: If I only could, I’d make a deal with God.

Sarah: I love Kate Bush!

Kathleen: Not like I love Kate Bush! Since 1978!

Patty Lynn: I want you to have my ring.

Milton: What?

Patty Lynn: You need a ring, I have a ring. It’ll be my honor to pass my ring on down to the next Landfield generation.

Marietta: You didn’t give me your ring!

Amy: Not everything’s about you…

Marietta: It is in my head!

Milton: Mom, are you sure?

Patty Lynn: Of course. Just take it quickly, okay. Don’t need her seeing it and it all getting spoiled.

Ten minutes later…

Milton: Moira, honey, can I talk to you outside?

Moira: Um, sure.

Martin: Have fun out there!

Moira: Will do, I guess?

Moira and Milton walk outside.

Tammy: How do you think it’s going?

Marietta: Well, he’s proposing to her at a dinner with her family. I’d say no.

Mitch: I proposed to Tammy at a family function.

Marietta: Well, then, I can’t believe you’ve made it this far.

Mitch: You are mean.

Tammy: I told you so.

Patty Lynn: I think when they all in, I’ll have a new daughter.

Marietta: New daughter? You already have one that’s perfect.

Patty Lynn: I’m not replacing you, just welcoming a new, wonderful woman into our family. It’s exciting!

Martin: She doesn’t look convinced.

Marietta: I better still be your favorite.

Patty Lynn: I didn’t spend hours at the hospital giving birth to Moira, so, we’ll see.

On the front porch…

Moira: What are we doing out here? I’m a little cold.

Milton: This is cold? Oh, you’d love DC. Even the warm days in the winter are colder than our coldest days. But here, take my jacket.

Moira: I can’t, you look so handsome in your dinner jacket. It’s blue, just like the House and Senate are now.

Milton: Oh, you know how much I love it when you talk about Congress.

Moira: You never answered my question, honey.

Milton: Moira Sally Donnelly -

Moira: Oh my god!

Milton: From the moment I - Kate?

Moira: Kate?

Kate: Milton, I am so sorry! I think I’m interrupting something.

Milton: What are you d-

Kate: I’m going to go inside. Uh, here’s the package you requested to be delivered.

Milton: Thank you, this is certainly unexpected.

Moira: Can you get back to, you know…

Milton: Sorry, that really got derailed.

Moira: It’s the last time anything’s ever getting derailed in this relationship, baby, let me tell you that.

Milton: From the moment I met you, I knew we had something special.

Moira: You know what? Skip that. Yes!

Milton: I had something prepared! I worked hard on it!

Moira: You can read it later. I just want to be engaged.

Milton: Can I at least say the key part?

Moira: Hurry it up, I love you too much to wait.

Milton: Moira, will you marry me?

Moira: Yes!

Marietta: Well, that was weird.

Sarah: I think that would be huge on TikTok.

Martin: Congratulations! We're very proud of you!

Kathleen: Someone grab the champagne.

Moira: Were they watching the whole time?

Milton: You know they were.

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