Reality Renew/Cancel Part 4: Final Calls for Shark Tank, Listen to Your Heart, Little Big Shots, Kids Say The Darndest Things, Millionaire, The Wall & More!

There weren't many reality renew/cancels this season, but this still feels like a good time for a yearly wrap-up post. There were many new premieres since the last update, so stay tuned for a super-sized update!

Certain Cancellation:
Flirty Dancing
Little Big Shots

Likely Cancellation: 
The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart
The Wall

Leans Cancellation:
The Christmas Caroler Challenge
Kids Say The Darndest Things

Leans Renewal:

Likely Renewal:
24 Hours To Hell and Back
AGT: The Champions
The Great American Baking Show
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

Certain Renewal:
American Idol
The Bachelor
Dancing with the Stars
Dateline NBC
Shark Tank
The Voice
Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Already Renewed:
48 Hours
60 Minutes
America's Funniest Home Videos
Ellen's Game of Games
Ellen's Greatest Night of Giveaways
The Great Christmas Light Fight
Hell's Kitchen
LEGO Masters
Making It
The Masked Singer
Undercover Boss

Little Big Shots: NBC tried to reboot this one-time juggernaut, but interest was waning when it went on an eighteen-plus month-long break. They brought Melissa McCarthy on to host, presumably to help breathe new life into the show. That didn't work. It aired after The Voice and did mediocre. Nothing horrible, but not exciting either. It then move to its Sunday night home and bombed beyond belief, with a 0.5 to start out and a 0.4 for the next weeks. NBC then moved it to 7 in favor of The Wall. In that move, it sunk down to 0.3 by its third episode in the slot. It was then that it was truly, completely dead. It's a CERTAIN CANCELLATION.

Shark Tank: I've been a bit conservative with my prediction for this business-oriented reality staple, but it's really proven itself in its Friday move after an underwhelming stint on Sunday. It was an extremely reliable performer for ABC in its previous seasons on Friday, and it should stay there for good. It and 20/20 make up one of ABC's best Friday lineups in recent memory. It's a CERTAIN RENEWAL.

The Wall: Season three of this game show premiered over two years after season two ended. NBC pushed its return date back multiple times, most recently having pushed its planned premiere in June 2019. That immediately is a red flag, showing that NBC doesn't really see much value in the show. Ratings-wise it was always a solid performer before, but this season it's been a bit of a trainwreck. Its 0.6 premiere wasn't bad for the situation, but it's recently been pretty weak, with 0.5s for four episodes and even a 0.4. I don't think this is enough for a show that likely wrapped filming years ago to get another season, and based on the way NBC has treated the show, I don't think they'll be too sad to see it go. It's not a Little Big Shots-level disaster but I can't imagine it'll be back. It's a LIKELY CANCELLATION.

Kids Say the Darndest Things: I've previously thought that ABC would bring their Kids Say revival back. It was overperforming its ad rates and was one of their better rated new series. However, it seems like a bit of a longshot at this point. Its ratings are low and it is easily replaceable. It LEANS CANCELLATION.

The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart: The Bachelor is ABC's #1 show and their top franchise, but the latest entry in the franchise is a massive disappointment. A 0.6 at this point in the season isn't necessarily terrible, but for a Bachelor show, ABC surely wanted more. It's hitting 0.5s in some half-hours, and is nearly being matched by its likely-canceled lead-out, The Baker and the Beauty. I have a hard time seeing ABC wanting another season. With COVID-19 potentially forcing The Bachelorette to air in-season next year, I doubt they'd want a Bachelor Nation show airing at every point in the year, and this is clearly the one to cut. It's a LIKELY CANCELLATION.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: ABC had a lot of faith in this revival, debuting it behind the Modern Family series finale. Its 1.1 in the slot was their highest rating in the slot in some time, and it showed a ton of potential. Unfortunately, it had to air after Single Parents in the subsequent weeks and fell down to 0.5 by week three. Then it was moved to Thursdays, a sign that ABC still had some faith in it and wanted to help it out. Its 0.8 there was more than enough to make it a LIKELY RENEWAL.

What do you think of my predictions? What are your predictions? Let me know in the comments and don't forget to vote in the poll!

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