Saturday TV Ratings 5/16/20: Graduate Together Draws Average Saturday Night Ratings, SNL Vintage and 48 Hours Tie for Lead (UPDATED)

The Graduate Together special, heavily publicized for featuring a speech by the 44th US President, Barack Obama, was the main event of Saturday night. It drew average ratings across the big four, with even The CW joining in on the fun. Combined, however, the special did extremely well. It's impossible to tell if everyone watching last night would've watched if it was only airing on one network, but a combined 1.4 is higher than everything not named "The Masked Singer", "Disney Family Singalong" or "Survivor" that aired on broadcast TV last week. NBC and ABC tied for first with their broadcasts of the special with 0.4s, while CBS had a 0.3 and Fox and The CW trailed with 0.2 and 0.1 respectively. Ratings for cable networks are available here. When combining ratings from its CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and Freeform ratings, the program surpasses all programs on both broadcast and cable from the week.

Besides Graduate Together, NBC aired a Dateline repeat at 0.3 and an SNL Vintage of a 1993 Bill Murray-hosted episode at 0.4. That was enough for them to win the night.

CBS had two hours of 48 Hours, with a repeat at 9 getting 0.3 and an original doing a 0.4 at 10.

Fox aired a repeat of Celebrity Watch Party (0.2). Not many people cared to watch but it was still only two-tenths below Thursday's original (0.4).

After the graduation ceremony, ABC aired a rebroadcast of Kobe Bryant's final NBA game (0.2). Few tuned in for the encore presentation.

Finals Update: All shows held their preliminary ratings.
18-49 Rating/Share
Viewers (mil)
8 PMGraduate Together0.4/32.20NBC

Graduate Together0.4/32.23ABC

Graduate Together0.3/21.84CBS

Graduate Together0.2/10.66Fox

Graduate Together0.1/10.37The CW
9 PMDateline NBC (R)0.3/22.21NBC

48 Hours (R)0.3/22.23CBS

NBA Basketball (R)0.2/10.80ABC

Celebrity Watch Party (R)0.2/10.68Fox
10 PMSNL Vintage0.4/32.26NBC

48 Hours0.4/33.68CBS
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