Supporting Freelancers and The Gig Economy

As you are probably aware, the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States has left tens of millions jobless, many of whom have lost access to health care.

That is where freelance websites such as Fiverr come into play. Fiverr allows anyone to do freelance work, and services can be bought for as little as $5. Freelance workers can take all the help they can possibly get in these times, with stable jobs and benefits uncertain for the foreseeable future.

The TV Ratings Guide has signed up as a Fiverr affiliate to encourage our readers with extra money to support some of these freelancers in exchange for a service.

Every day this week, The TV Ratings Guide will highlight a different service. On a computer or tablet, this picture will be located to the right of the first article. On a phone, it will be located after the first page of articles. To find the details of the gig, click on the picture.

All gigs will be relevant to the content on The TV Ratings Guide. As an affiliate, Fiverr will also pay The TV Ratings Guide a small commission for someone’s first purchase.

If you are not currently operating under a tight budget and have some money to support the gig economy, please consider checking out the gigs we promote. To anyone under a tight budget, we hope you make a recovery as soon as possible, and encourage you to sign up as a seller on a freelance site yourself.

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