TVRGO May News Day, Part 2

TVRGO has more news on its shows in this second installment of TVRGO May News Day. To find the news posted in May News Day, Part 1, click here. Enjoy!

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 3: Hollywood, California Season 1
FRIDAY, JUNE 5: Finally Apart Season 2
THURSDAY, JUNE 11: Raymond Island Season 1

In summary, TVRGO is packed with premieres in June. We have the season premiere of Finally Apart and the series premieres ‘Hollywood, California‘, Put Them In (previously known as Put The Bullpen In), What In The World!, and Raymond Island. There may be even more shows coming in June too!

The Finally franchise has had a very successful run for TVRGO, which will culminate into Finally Finale. The special will bring Finally Apart, Finally Back Home, and Finally Growing Up to their proper conclusions. This will complete the series sans any potential specials in the future. 

Finally Finale is currently scheduled for Friday, June 26. Thanks to everyone for reading! This is not a matter of page views, but rather the natural end creatively. 

Prior to its Season 3 premiere, The Bullpen will do a spring training special episode to introduce readers to new characters well ahead of the scheduled three-part crossover with Put Me In and Bar Exam in early July.

As with all of our shows, be sure to recognize that it is not necessary to have to read shows from their beginnings if you are just discovering them now. If you would like to catch up on all our shows, you can do so at

Hollywood, California:
Hollywood, California is a soapy drama about six twenty-something friends living together in California as they embark on adulthood and find out who they are in life. The series follows this tight group of friends as they embark on the crazy journey of life and all that comes with it. Whether it be obstacles in their personal or professional life, or in their family, they always have each other to lean back on at the end of the day.

Raymond Island:
Gretchen Raymond is the 77th Governor of Rhode Island, America’s smallest state. Despite its small size and population, Gretchen loves her state. They don’t love her. She’s one of the most unpopular governors in the country, no matter how hard she tries to be popular. She’s tried everything to grow her popularity, even trying to tie herself to popular political figures like former First Lady/Senate Majority Leader Tammy Yarborough and New Orleans Mayor Marietta Landfield, but nothing has worked. Her ratings are only dropping, never topping 40%. State legislators and the media don’t like her much either, and she almost-aways finds herself on the losing end of the battle. Even still, she’ll stop at nothing to try to improve her standings among Rhode Islanders.

What In The World!
What In The World! is a comedy/drama in which after a strange apocalyptic event, a group of friends must learn to survive in a strange new world while also unraveling the mystery behind the world-ending event. The ten-episode series, written by Numb Humor Studios, will be released over the course of four weeks in summer 2020.

Put Them In (a spinoff of Put Me In renamed from Put The Bullpen In to emphasize the show has no direct relation to The Bullpen)
Put Them In follows the relief pitchers in the latter part of the Charleston Capitols’ game, where they are tasked with pitching. They take their jobs seriously, and try their best to protect the team’s lead when they’re ahead, and keep it as close as they can when they’re behind. The results lead to consequences, good and bad, of various degrees. 

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