FOX Renew/Cancel: The Resident Looking Good

The Table

I am going bold on The Resident right away. Its ad rate as reported by Variety is 80% of FOX’s average, meaning it should get renewed as long as it holds around a 0.8ish A18-49 average on Monday. I’m not trying to say that The Resident is a huge hit like Empire is, but it’s building on Lucifer and doing at least as well as The Gifted, which was a much high-profile show that aired in the time slot in the fall and was renewed. Once The Voice comes back I might have a better understanding of The Resident’s true strength, but for now it looks like FOX found itself yet another solid player.

Outside of that, no changes to this week’s table. I’m keeping a close watch on LA to Vegas and Lucifer, especially since the latter is not owned by FOX and is doing so-so.

What do you think of my predictions? Let me know in the comments below!

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