The Good Place S2E9 Review

If you're reading this, you've survived the mid-season hiatus that Thursday Night Football forced The Good Place on! I have been really excited for the show's return, because I have absolutely no idea where the show goes from here. The fall finale put the main characters, especially Michael, in an especially tricky situation, and now it's time for Team Cockroach to survive.

S2E9 "Leap Into Faith"

The episode begins right where the last episode left off, with Sean in Michael's office. However, it turns out that he is there because he is happy with Michael's work. This feels cheap, it created worry for something that wasn't really there. While I am really not happy about that, there are two positives about this. The first is that the situation The Good Place had lead us to believe it was putting its characters in was impossible, and working its way out of it would most likely have lead to situations that seem unrealistic. The second is what situation the real meaning of Sean's visit puts the four humans in. Michael could very well have turned his back on them, it would fit his nature. However, Eleanor observed that Michael was really growing, so perhaps he is really becoming an ethical person.

The four humans debate whether or not they can still trust Michael. Jason and Tahani provide most of the humor throughout all of this. Jason is his dumb self, and there are some really funny moments there. I also really loved when Tahani didn't want to hear Jason's opinion, until she discovered that he agreed with her. It's surprising that Eleanor is the one that trusts Michael, but given the way that the episode ends, and that Eleanor had a sincere moment with Michael, it works. The roast that Michael puts on also has some good jokes, I really enjoyed it. Also, drunk Janet throughout the episode was a real delight.

The final act of the episode basically just recaps how Eleanor figured out the clues that Michael dropped them, and how the humans put the plan into action. It's fairly cliche, but still enjoyable. It also leads to another Derek appearance, which is entertaining, and I also really liked the very end where he shows up at Mindy St. Clair's house. Also, I really enjoyed the reveal that Michael literally whispered "something something Vicki something something" in Janet's ear. However, the episode doesn't indicate that the characters are in any more danger after it ends. They obviously must be, as this isn't the series finale, but the show should have explicitly showed us that in some way.

The episode was funny, and the story worked, but it had its flaws. Revealing that the cliffhanger that ended the last episode wasn't really what we thought it was felt really cheap, even if it had its reasons. Additionally, the lack of revealing any hints about what Team Cockroach will have to deal with next was problematic, and the last act of the episode wasn't all that strong.

Score: 8/10

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