Superstore S3E8 Review

Social media is the theme of this first Superstore episode of the new year. The action this week is ignited by a video that a Cloud 9 employee posts that goes viral.

S3E8 "Viral Video"

The episode begins with the Cloud 9 staff being informed that an employee has been fired for farting in coffee cups. This of course leads to some funny dialogue between the employees who of course have to discuss this. As a result of this, Dina wants to see if there is anything bad on any other employee's social media, so she recruits Cheyenne. Dina and Cheyenne end up bonding over this, which is sweet, and they have some funny lines. However, Dina is still Dina, and when Cheyenne confesses something to her, Dina writes her up.

Amy makes a bet with Jonah that she can get as many views on an Instagram video as Kelly, whose popular videos Amy doesn't understand. Amy's attempts at making a video doesn't work out very well, but it is very entertaining for us to watch Jonah and Garrett watch these videos in horror. Amy ends up filming a rat infestation, which gets used as an example of something that the employees shouldn't do, but gets her to her goal.

Glenn suspects that Mateo is submitting fake rewards cards applications to receive the benefit that employees get for signing people up. Mateo's attempts to cover himself after this happens are very funny, though I am surprised that Glenn would be so suspicious, since he tends to be quite trusting and gullible. There are some great jokes throughout, my favorite being when Glenn tries to get Garrett to track a call.

This was a strong return for Superstore. It wasn't perfect, Dina and Cheyenne could have been funnier, and it felt like Glenn's character was somewhat betrayed for plot purposes, but otherwise this was a thoroughly enjoyable half-hour.

Score: 9/10

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