TBS Pulls the Plug on Louis CK’s Animated Series The Cops

Written Wishing These Controversies Were Fewer by Bridger Cunningham
Nearly two months after unspeakable (and confirmed) allegations of sexual misconduct came against comedian/producer Louis CK, TBS has pulled the plug on the upcoming series.  After CK conceded the allegations were true, FX effectively severed ties with the comedian, stating he would receive no further compensation for the productions.  The Cops followed uniformed officials Al (Albert Brooks) and Lou (Louis CK) through their various mishaps and adventures.   
Existing productions already airing out such as Better Things and Louie will likely remain with the network, albeit it shall require retooling to eliminate the last traces of CK's presence.  In regard to the matter which instigated it, TVRG lest not discuss it further, as these scarring scandals are profiled everywhere and are best not discussed to help all parties move forward (and viewers may still enjoy the art vs. tarnished artist).  Should viewers hold an inkling of interest in what transpired, several adjacent media outlets are willing to disclose full details.  Did TBS make the right decision?  Many tend to follow the opinions which generalize as follows:

  • A. It is best to part with this series, as it will be a sore reminder of negative transgressions which went down prior to CK's art being displayed.
  • B. The network should have retooled the premise and recast CK's role.
  • C. Why allow art to be tossed before it can be showcased?  CK's other productions are continuing to air long after he was removed from his post.
  • D. Other.
Which opinion best describes where you stand regarding TBS pulling The Cops?  Give us your feedback!

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