Man with a Plan Season 2 Episode 7 Review

Man With a Plan returns from hiatus this week for its first episode of 2018. This week's episode focuses on the family's financials, and I'm hoping it's just not a cookie cutter episode about hard time financially because this show is at its best when it's at least somewhat creative.

The episode begins with Andi telling Adam that Teddy needs glasses, which explains so much. Kate also needs braces, but she can't get the fancy ones she wants because they're way too expensive. Even so, they still might need some money. Adam's confident that insurance will cover it. It won't. They only give $30 towards glasses and the deductible for braces is too high. Andi still tries to push for an idea to have Adam fall down an escalator at the mall, but he won't go for it. That night, Andi is still going over financials, wanting him to drop some of his sports TV packages. He wants her to get rid of some of her extras. The only problem? She already gave her extras up. So he decides to go along with getting rid of the sports package.

It's Adam's last game with the sports package, and the guys aren't happy about that. They don't understand his problems, and Joe tells him to only invest his resources in one kid, like he did with Don. When looking at the bill, Lowell notices something called "Josephine." Adam has a problem with that, since it's not a necessity like she claims. Lowell, who had a wine spritzer, gives him a pep talk, telling him to really let Andi have it so they can save their sports. Neither of them wants
to give up their last extra, so they decide to do rock-paper-scissors. Adam always goes with rock, but doesn't for once, so she decides to give up Josephine. Adam isn't happy with that, so he decided to give up his sports anyways. Later, Adam decides to try out throwing a football with Teddy since he has glasses, and he actually catches it. Then, Andi gets home, with a bleached streak in her hair, so she's happy. They realize it's worth it, though Adam manages to insult Andi in the process. At work, the guys are mad at Adam for not getting them their sports, which is ridiculous because they're all capable of paying for it on their own. They get in his head, and convince Adam to do something. Meanwhile, Teddy has already lost his glasses. She goes out to the garage to get Adam, but she finds a not-so-lovely sight: the four morons sitting outside watching sports on a computer. They lie about it, but she knows better because she has an IQ of higher than 5. Lowell takes credit for the idea and stands up to Andi, but that obviously doesn't work.

Andi yells at Adam about going around her back, but he convinces her to be less mad by reminding her of rock-paper-scissors. Andi says that she'll be the hero to the kid for her sacrifice, getting everything she wanted with a little psychological warfare. Adam sells a bike for a bunch of money after staying up all night to finish working on it, meaning that they don't have to give up anything they love. Katie has a reaction to her braces, meaning that they need to pay for the expensive glasses. Then, he sits on and crushes the glasses, meaning they don't get to keep their luxuries after all.

This was a very good episode, one of the better ones of the season. It had some really funny moments this week, with Lowell having his best lines of the entire season during the episode. Him standing up to Andi was really... something. I also thought the plot, though it's been done many times before, was original enough. I really enjoyed the rock-paper-scissors scene and the garage scene in particular, thought end scene was also nice since it was both funny and sweet. My only real complaint about the episode was that the first couple of minutes, particularly the opening scene, weren't really all that funny. The rest of the episode made up for that though. Well, mostly.
My Score: 9/10
My Grade: A-

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