ABC Reality Renew/Cancel Week 1: The Golden Bachelor Looking Golden

ABC has opted out of scripted programming this fall, as the WGA and SAG strikes left them unable to film new scripted shows and, unlike the other networks, they did not have any scripted shows pre-filmed (save for The Wonder Years, which was burned off), nor did they acquire any international programs or give a permanent slot to any shows from its parent company's streaming services. With that being said, we aren't going without an ABC Renew/Cancel this fall, as we debut a new ABC Renew/Cancel column, focusing on the network's reality programming. Keep reading for initial predictions for ABC's reality lineup this year, both new and old.

Certain Cancellation:

Likely Cancellation:

Leans Cancellation:

Leans Renewal:

Likely Renewal:
The $100,000 Pyramid
Celebrity Jeopardy!
Celebrity Wheel of Fortune

Certain Renewal:
America's Funniest Home Videos
Bachelor in Paradise
Dancing with the Stars
The Golden Bachelor
Shark Tank

Already Canceled/Ending:

Already Renewed:

Coming Soon:
American Idol
The Bachelor
The Great Christmas Light Fight
Judge Steve Harvey
Press Your Luck
What Would You Do?

The Golden Bachelor: Boasting a premise reminiscent of a Saturday Night Live or Jimmy Kimmel sketch, The Golden Bachelor was met with immense skepticism when it was first announced a few years ago, and it seemed for a while that it may never actually be produced, falling victim to the COVID pandemic. Nevertheless, years of planning finally came to fruition when ABC officially greenlit the show in May of this year, and announced that it would air Mondays at 10 behind Dancing with the Stars. That plan, thankfully, was changed, with Golden Bachelor being shifted to Thursday nights in a later schedule revision. It's hard to say how Golden Bachelor would have done at 10 PM, but despite DWTS being one of ABC's strongest shows, it's unlikely that The Golden Bachelor would have reached its full potential in that slot, as we've seen how damaging 10 PM is to any show, including its fellow Bachelor shows (both The Bachelorette and its Thursday night scheduling partner, Bachelor in Paradise, have taken huge hits in the 10 PM hour). The 0.62 that The Golden Bachelor started off with was extremely impressive, and rated below only Survivor and Dancing with the Stars among non-sports programming in premiere week (not counting the NFL-inflated airing of The Simpsons). It's higher than anything The Bachelorette did last season, and above all but three episodes of the most recent season of the franchise's crown jewel, The Bachelor. Its second week was also very impressive, losing only a half-tenth and showing that its premiere rating wasn't entirely fueled by mere curiosity. It still has plenty of time to fall, but it's an impressive launch nonetheless, particularly in a time where the Bachelor franchise is beginning to somewhat lose its luster. Even if it keeps dropping, it has more than enough cushion to keep itself well on track for a renewal. It's a CERTAIN RENEWAL.

Celebrity Jeopardy!: Last season, Celebrity Jeopardy! launched with a moderate start on Sunday nights before impressively strengthening as it shifted to Thursdays in the winter, ending with a 0.7 in February. It remained on a weeknight this season, leading into a new Wednesday night lineup. It has, thus far, been a success, with these cheap game shows rating pretty similarly to last season's sitcom lineup. Celebrity Jeopardy has become the highest-rated part of the lineup, and seems to be the safest. I do think these shows are probably the least safe of ABC's current lineup, though, just by virtue of being lower-rated and newer than the other reality staples on the lineup. Its ratings remain solid, however, and and it seems unlikely it will run into much trouble at all in getting a third season. It's a LIKELY RENEWAL.

What do you think of my predictions? What are your predictions? Let me know in the comments and vote in the poll of the week!

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