Tuesday TV Ratings 6/13/23: Beat Shazam Drops to New Low, AGT and Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge Sink, Celebrity Wheel of Fortune Repeat Takes Second (UPDATED)

Ratings Analysis: After climbing to a season high just last week, Fox's 'Beat Shazam' (0.17, -0.09) came crashing down and set a new series low in the process. In comparison, 'Don't Forget the Lyrics!' (0.22, -0.03) dealt with a more mild decline and avoided new low territory. New lows were also abundant on NBC as 'America's Got Talent' (0.63, -0.05) and 'Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge' (0.26, -0.04) declined to their poorest showings of the season. ABC had a strong rerun of 'Celebrity Wheel of Fortune' (0.40), a decent encore of 'Celebrity Jeopardy!' (0.26), and a modest repeat of 'Shark Tank' (0.19). CBS's encores of 'FBI' (0.27), 'FBI: International' (0.25), and 'FBI: Most Wanted' (0.26) were all in the same range. 'Superman & Lois' (0.05) and 'Gotham Knights' (0.03) were in repeat-mode on the CW.

Finals Update: 'America's Got Talent' (+0.1) adjusted up, as did repeats of 'Celebrity Jeopardy!' (+0.1) and 'FBI: Most Wanted' (+0.1). The repeat of 'Gotham Knights' (-0.1) adjusted down.



18-49 Rating

18-49 Share

Viewers (mil)


8 PMAmerica's Got Talent0.636.95.96NBC

Celebrity Wheel of Fortune (R)0.404.52.96ABC


Beat Shazam0.171.91.03Fox

Superman & Lois (R) CW
9 PMCelebrity Jeopardy! (R)

FBI: International (R)

Don't Forget the Lyrics!

Gotham Knights (R) CW
10 PMFBI: Most Wanted (R)

Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge0.263.11.70NBC

Shark Tank (R)
(R) = repeat

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