American Auto Canceled by NBC

American Auto is being hauled off to the junkyard. NBC has canceled the workplace comedy after two seasons. Hailing from Superstore creator Justin Spitzer, the show rated in the middle of NBC's extremely weak sitcom roster this year with a 0.27 average, a 26% decline from its first season. Even with other sitcoms struggling more, and on network that has massively struggled in recent years to find any sitcoms with staying power, that wasn't enough for the show to earn a renewal. The show's retention of Night Court left much to be desired, squandering the strongest weeks of that show's front-loaded run. Lopez vs Lopez improving the slot on late-season episodes of American Auto certainly didn't help American Auto prove its strength. Ana Gasteyer, Harriet Dyer, Jon Barinholtz, Tye White, Michael Washington, Humphrey Ker and X Mayo starred in the series, which aired its series finale on April 18, after a 23-episode run. This is a correct prediction for The TV Ratings Guide.

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