Fox News Shuffles Prime Time Schedule, Gives Time Slot Upgrades To Jesse Watters And Greg Gutfeld

Fox News has made changes to their prime time schedule, announced two months after the abrupt cancelation of Tucker Carlson Tonight. Starting July 17, new prime time stars Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld are both getting time slot upgrades. Jesse Watters Primetime is moving to the 8 pm time slot formerly occupied by Tucker Carlson and Bill O’Reilly, while Gutfeld! is moving an hour earlier to 10 pm. 

Meanwhile, former 10 pm occupant The Ingraham Angle, hosted by Laura Ingraham, will move to the 7 pm hour. This is undoubtedly a time slot downgrade for the show, which has been routinely out-rated by lead-out Gutfeld! in key demographics as of late.

The 11 pm hour will now go back to the news division, with Fox News @ Night returning to 11 pm. Hannity will stay put at 9 pm, the only program to not change time slots. 

This schedule effectively cancels Fox News Tonight, which aired at 8 pm in lieu of Tucker Carlson Tonight and featured rotating hosts. None of its hosts will be receiving a prime time slot.

To recap, here is Fox News’ prime time schedule starting on July 17:

7 pm - Laura Ingraham Tonight
8 pm - Jesse Watters Primetime
9 pm - Hannity
10 pm - Gutfeld!
11 pm - Fox News @ Night

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