Frances in the Kitchen Season 4 Finale - Great Aunt Loretta in the Kitchen

Frances in the Kitchen Season 4 Episode 10
Great Aunt Loretta in the Kitchen

Frances is filming an episode of the show when Dana walks onto the set.

Beverly: Cut! We have a special guest joining us, we’re taking a five minute break.

Dana: Don’t stop on my account! I could have waited until you finished your scene. All you’d be delaying is me going to sit in my office in silence and reading emails.

Beverly: Oh, that sounds like heaven.

Marcia: Have you watched this show, Dana? If you have, you’d see why we’re all jumping at the chance to get a minute free from it. Drier than a Thanksgiving turkey left in the oven too long.

Frances: That’s a bit extreme, no?

Marcia: No.

Frances: Well, I like our show. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel here, just teach people to cook three easy recipes every day.

Marcia: We have to aim a bit higher than that, no?

Jane: I agree with Frances, I think the show is great, just the way it is!

Marcia:That really who you want going to bat for you?

Frances: We’ll retool the show next week. Maybe i can cook while doing trapeze or something like I’m P!nk.

Beverly: So what brings you here in our welcoming presence, Dana?

Dana: I don’t remember.

Marcia: Oh, no… time to put mom in a home.

Beverly: I beg of you, please ignore her.

Dana: Okay, I just remembered: we’re having a meeting on Friday with all of our creatives. I would like you to be there.

Jane: Does that invi-

Dana: No.

Jane: Aww.

Dana: The invite is for producers only. So, Beverly and Frances.

Marcia: No need to rub it in my face!

Frances: Your are such an insecure little woman.

DeAnna: Was someone calling for me?

Frances: Oh god, did someone say her name three times?

DeAnna: I saw Dana was here and I had to come see her. How are you?

Dana: Very busy. Busy as a bee. I’m going to have to hurry back to my office just to get all my work done today.

Jane: I thought you said -

DeAnna: I believe I overheard something about a creative meeting? I have yet to be invited, I was wondering what that was about.

Dana: Grave oversight on my part. You are, of course, invited to take part in it if you so desire.

DeAnna: Oh, thank god. I was beginning to feel unwanted.

Dana: Who would ever make you feel that way? You are a valued member of the TBC team!

Frances: I can think of one or two people that would.

Beverly: All right, we don’t want to hold Dana up. Thank you for letting us know, we’re going to get back to work.

Dana: You know how much I love when production stays on pace!

Ten minutes later…

Beverly: Okay, we are set for the main course.

Frances: About time, I’ve been ready for almost five minutes.

Marcia: Wow, a whole five minutes.

Jane: Frances, your phone is ringing!

Frances: Turn the ringer off and let’s get this show on the road.

Jane: It’s your brother.

Frances: All the more reason to ignore. He’s probably calling to ask me to make him dinner tonight or something equally ludicrous.

Jane: Wh-

Marcia: “Ludicrous” is a fancy word for “ridiculous,” Jane.

Jane: I knew that! I think. I was trying to ask why any sister would ever want to ignore their brother. Family is important!

Frances: You may not have noticed this, but we are at work. Let’s focus on that, please.

Marcia: Since when do you focus on work?

Frances: Very funny.

Jane: He’s calling again!

Frances: Just turn the phone off. In fact, I don’t trust you know how to turn it off, hand it to me. I’ll do it.

Jane: It could be important!

Frances: It isn’t, please let it be.

Jane: All right, I’ll leave it be, John Legend.

Frances: Huh? What does John Legend have to do with this conversation?

Jane: You said “let it be,” that’s a Beatles song, John Legend is a Beatle, the one with the round glasses that sorta looks like Harry Potter.

Frances: That’s John Lennon!

Marcia: Not to mention, Paul McCartney sang lead on that song.

Jane: Isn’t she in Mike & Molly?

Marcia: You deeply frighten me.

Beverly: Frances to the stage, please, Frances to the stage.

Frances: I’ve been ready for this show, it’s all of you who are delaying me. You know it, too.

Beverly: I haven’t said or done anything to delay you. In fact, I haven't said or done anything at all in the last five minutes, I’ve been paralyzed by the stupidity unfolding around me.

Frances: Okay, chicken cacciatore, here we go.

Jane: Doesn’t Billy Joel sing about that in his one song?

Frances: I am begging you to shut up/

Marcia: You’re gonna give her a heart attack ack ack ack ack ack.

Ten minutes later…

Frances: So, you’re going to seaso-

Beverly: Cut!

Frances: Oh, Jesus, what now?

Marcia: Is Dana shutting the whole thing down because we’re running ten minutes behind? She’s tough!

Beverly: Now Jimmy is calling MY phone. You have to pick up, something is clearly wrong.

Frances: Look, Lauren is currently working one studio over. If something were seriously wrong, don’t you think she would have come running over here to let me know by now?

Marcia: This would require one to assume that DeAnna lets her have cell phone access, or that she’d allow her to tell you about a family emergency. I have my serious doubts about both.

Frances: Fine, fine. I’ll call him, but then we’re getting right back to this because I’m really hungry for chicken cacciatore.

Beverly: Here’s the phone, have fun!

Frances: I’ll just use my phone, thanks. Unlike yours, it’s not a flip phone from 1997.

Beverly: It still works! Nothing wrong with using something for as long as it works!

Marcia: Honey… the antenna is falling off.

Beverly: Still works!

Frances picks up her phone and calls Jimmy.

Jimmy: Finally! I’ve been trying to get into contact with you!

Frances: I’m aware. What’s so important that you had to keep calling and interrupting my work? Everyone else here thinks I’m crazy.

Marcia: Yeah, not ‘cause of that. Because we know you.

Frances: You know how great and awesome I am? You’re welcome.

Jimmy: Frannie, are you in a quiet place? I have to tell you something and I need you to hear it clearly.

Frances: It’s on a TV set, do you think it’s quiet?

Jimmy: Can you go to your office?

Frances: I hope this is important, this is taking up some serious time away from filming.

Jimmy: Just let me know when you’re there.

Frances: I’m there. It’s not the Biltmore Estate, it doesn’t take me hours to find my office.

Jimmy: Okay, I got some sad news from back home.

Frances: Santa Barbara home or Michigan home?

Jimmy: Michigan.

Frances: Aww, I was kinda hoping Louise finally admitted that she’s an alcoholic.

Jimmy: Great Aunt Loretta died.

Frances: No! She was doing well!

Jimmy: She was, but she had a fall and that was it.

Frances: Oh my god, we haven’t seen her since her 90th. I feel bad! And I was just joking about your wife being an alcoholic, I’m so insensitive.

Jimmy: No, it’s fine, she absolutely is.

Frances: I’m going to let you go -

Jimmy: You don’t have to if you need to talk to someone about this.

Frances: No, I’ll be fine. I know you’re upset, too, I don’t want to bring you down any more. Not to mention, I do have to compose myself enough to finish filming this episode.

Jimmy: All right, I’ll see you later.

Frances: See you then.

Frances walks back out to the set.

Beverly: Frances, what’s wrong?

Frances: Oh, nothing.

Beverly: You’re crying. You don’t cry.

Frances: My great aunt died.

Beverly: Oh no! I’m sorry.

Frances: She had a goof life, she was ninety-two.

Marcia: Taken in the prime of life!

Beverly: Marcia!

Marcia: What? You gotta laugh to keep from cryin’.

Beverly: That’s your great aunt-in-law you’re cracking jokes about.

Marcia: Uh… no? Just because Greg married Frances doesn’t mean her family is my family now.

Frances: Okay, I don’t think we need to get into this now.

Beverly: You’re right.

Jane: Will you be going back to Michigan for her funeral?

Frances: Um, yeah. I guess I’ll have to take some time off here.

Beverly: I’ll let Dana know, I’ll be the one who takes the reaming for that.

Marcia: There’s always time for Marcia in the Kitchen!

Beverly: No.

Marcia: I tried.

Jane: Can I go with you to Michigan?

Beverly: Well, you are technically my assistant, so I suppose so.

Jane: Yes!

Marcia: Someone’s a bit too excited about attending a funeral.

Jane: I just love Frances’ family so much.

Marcia: Yeah, her family.

Jane: I’m confused, what are you trying to say?

Frances: She’s trying to say you have the hots for my niece and we all know it. No shame in that. Now, let’s get back to work.

Beverly: Are you sure you want to do that? You’re going through a loss right now, we’d all understand if you just packed up and went home to be with your family.

Frances: I’m going to get enough time off next week so as it is, we’re finishing this episode. Plus, as I said, I’m very hungry for chicken cacciatore.

Beverly: You are being impressively strong through this, I admire it.

Frances: I am a deeply admirable person.

Later that night…

Louise: Oh, Frances! I’m so sorry!

Frances: Geez, I didn’t realize you guys were going to be here.

Louise: It’s a family crisis, the family has to come together.

Frances: Is it a crisis? She was ninety-two.

Jimmy: That is so cynical! So heartless!

Frances: I’m very sad that she died, but she had such a good and long life. Why don’t we celebrate that rather than crying?

Louise: Sometimes you need a good cry to help you grieve. You can’t just bottle it up.

Frances: All I’m asking is for you to all not overlook the amazing life she had while you grieve.

Lauren: We talked about this a lot on the ride home. Ninety-two is a great run, think of all she got to do over those years. Also, you know, she was basically senile towards the end, so maybe this is a blessing in a way. She’s free from the ravages of time.

Louise: Good lord, you did not just say it’s good that your aunt died!

Lauren: I did not. Grief is hard, I’m sorry I’m processing it strangely!

Greg: We’ve all gone through a lot of grieving today, and all grief is valid.

Louise: You met her once, Greg! You don’t get to police grief!

Greg: I was not policing grief, I was saying you were!

Jimmy: Good to see this family tragedy bringing us together.

Louise: Careful, Frances may not let you describe it as a tragedy.

Frances: No, I think “tragedy” is a fitting word for it. In fact, that’s the word in mind I had for it that was more fitting than “crisis.”

Louise: Now we have the word police here with us.

Frances: So when is the funeral? We’re going to have to fly in a few days before, since our family is so… unique.

Jimmy: Lara said it’ll be next Friday to give the out-of-state family, like us, time to get there. She wants to make it a grand affair.

Frances: Why is she talking about it as if it’s a destination wedding?

Lauren: Because she’s crazy?

Jimmy: She’s not crazy. She’s just, I don’t know…

Frances: Crazy. She’s my sister, I get to say it.

Lauren: So when are we flying to Michigan? I need to let my boss know ASAP, she’s kind of a lunatic.

Frances: Oh, come on, she’s a sweet lady.

Jimmy: I think we’ll head out on Tuesday if that’s okay with all of you.

Frances: Any day works for me. Beverly has practically lionized me for having the strength to cook before a camera today, I’m going to need a break from that.  Then again, I’m not sure I’m ready to see my family, either.

Greg: Why not?

Frances: Aside from them being crazy? I don’t know if they’re too crazy about me. I never come home.

Greg: Come on, they’re gonna be thrilled to see you.

Louise: I wouldn’t be too sure about that.

Greg: It’s a funeral, surely they won’t be too harsh on her.

Louise: Again, wouldn’t be so sure!

The next week…

Frances: Wow, look at all these family members. So many people who hate me.

Lara: Frances! We don’t hate you.

Frances: Ah! Where’d you come from?

Lara: It’s my house.

Frances: It’s nice to see you, by the way.

Lara: I wish it were under better circumstances, but I’m glad to see you as well.

Jane: Where is Jaime?

Lara: You wanna make out again? She’s in a relationship, sorry.

Jane: Oh… all right. There’s a lot else to do in Michigan, anyway. You have good cheese.

Lara: That’s Wisconsin.

Jane: What’s the difference?

Jimmy: Isn’t it a shame what happened? Great Aunt Loretta was the glue that held us together.

Lara: Yeah, I can’t help but feel like this celebration of her life is the last time we’ll all be together under the same roof.

Frances: I don’t know if that’s true. We’ll -

Lara: Come on, you probably didn’t even want to come for this, and you liked her.

Greg: No, she was dead set on coming, she wanted to honor your Great Aunt Loretta’s life.

Lauren: And also see all of you!

Frances: Exactly. Family is so important!

Lara: I don’t know if I believe you, but I am glad to have you home, either way.

Frances: That’s very nice, Lara. I see Jane over there on her knees begging Jaime to take her back.

Greg: Let her go, it can’t hur-

Louise: Oh, no, she’s doing it. 

Lauren: Eh, we’re at a funeral. We might as well let someone be happy, improve their life.

Frances: Family really is everything. Even insane potential in-laws like Jane!

Jimmy: You know, Frances, I finally see your point. It sure is sad she’s gone, but Great Aunt Loretta has reunited us and given us a reason to celebrate again. Isn’t that really what the meaning of life is?

Frances: Oh no, now he’s getting philosophical.

Jimmy: I’m just piggybacking on what you’ve already said. Live life while it goes on, and when it ends, celebrate it for what it was.

Frances: Well, then, let’s celebrate. Life’s a party if you make it one!

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