FOX Reboots Ghosted, Whoopi Goldberg to Assume the Lead She Played in Ghost


Ghostly encounters seem to be the rage in 2023.  Ghosts is often CBS' number one comedy, and ABC spritzed a little creativity and shook up its boiler plate comedy formula with Not Dead Yet.  FOX has decided to join the trend and is reviving its failed 2017-18 comedy Ghosted for the upcoming season.  Craig Robinson has committed to reprising his role as Leroy Wright, but Adam Scott has limited availability to return as Max Jennifer.  FOX has devised refreshing the sitcom by implementing heralded comedienne Whoopi Goldberg to reprise her 1990 Ghost Role as Oda Mae Brown.  This bold move perhaps could reinvigorate the failed premise which was axed in 2018.

Tying in Oda Mae Brown to the plot is ingeniously connecting her to Leroy as his aunt, and the two help bring closure to not only the irritating apparitions harassing the duo, but their loved ones they are reaching out to.  Rumors are swirling FOX is negotiating with Ghost heavyweights Demi Moore's Molly Jensen as well as Scandal alum Tony Goldwyn's Carl Bronwyn as the underworld's collector.  Could this outlandish reboot help FOX rise out of Call Me Kat's litterbox roommates on Thursday nights?  You be the judge and weigh in.

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