NBC Renew/Cancel Week 21: Magnum PI to Say Aloha to Season 6

This week on the NBC Renew/Cancel, a large portion of NBC's remaining programs being renewed leads to questions about the future of two of the network's strongest lineups. Plus, another look at Magnum PI two months into its first NBC season.

Certain Cancellation:
Grand Crew (0.17, 0.14-0.23)

Likely Cancellation:
Young Rock (0.25, 0.22-0.31)

Leans Cancellation:
American Auto (0.28, 0.21-0.38)

Leans Renewal:

Likely Renewal:
Lopez vs Lopez (0.28, 0.20-0.33)
Magnum PI (0.28, 0.22-0.36)

Certain Renewal:
Saturday Night Live (0.76, 0.65-0.98)

Already Canceled/Final Season:
The Blacklist
New Amsterdam

Already Renewed:
Chicago Fire
Chicago Med
Chicago PD
La Brea
Law & Order
Law & Order: Organized Crime
Law & Order: SVU

Night Court
Quantum Leap

Dick Wolf productions: This week saw an outright majority of NBC's remaining shows being renewed, with all six of the network's Dick Wolf shows receiving renewals for the 2023-24 season. That in itself is far from interesting - five of the six had been marked as certain renewals (with an upgrade for Law & Order actually planned in this week's NBC Renew/Cancel before NBC granted the early renewal), and the two franchise lineups are both runaway successes for NBC. Under the hood, however, there were a few interesting tidbits, the first being that Organized Crime's renewal is an initial order of just thirteen episodes, as opposed to twenty-two for the other five Wolf shows. That's a potential sign that OC could be in a bit of danger, and is clearly the most endangered Wolf show in the event that NBC cuts the 10 PM hour, as they were rumored to have considered this season (they ultimately decided against it for now, but the idea is likely still in their heads). The other interesting fact is that the trades were reporting before the renewal that the Chicagos and SVU were looking at multi-season pickups, which obviously did not come to fruition. It likely doesn't mean much, but it could be a sign that NBC isn't fully sure of what exactly their plan is for the future of the network. Either way, fans of these six shows can take comfort in knowing that at least one more season is set in stone.

Magnum PI: With the hit Wolf shows now renewed, only six shows are left standing without official news on their renewal fates. Aside from television institution SNL, Magnum PI looks to be the safest of those remaining shows. As I said the last time I wrote about this show, it's possible we don't actually hear news on a renewal of Magnum in May due to its unique scheduling situation, in which its 20-episode pickup will air over the course of two TV seasons. However, an official season six is very likely to occur. Though its ratings leave something to be desired, NBC seems committed to Magnum PI, considering that they essentially gave it a two-season pickup to start with. There have also been rumors of a fall run later this year. Those are obviously unconfirmed, but would be a further sign of NBC's support for the show. Networks rarely rescue canceled shows just to cancel them again after only a single season, especially shows that they own which can be valuable library content for their streaming services. Its linear ratings, while not strong per se, have also been reasonably solid. NBC's Sunday night lineups have been historic disasters as of late, but Magnum PI has managed to keep NBC competitive with most of the other networks in its hour, and has improved its time slot from the disastrous reality lineup that NBC attempted last year. It remains a LIKELY RENEWAL.

What do you think of my predictions? What are your predictions? Let me know in the comments and vote in the poll of the week!

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