ABC Picks Up Goldbergs Reboot, Starring Anthony Anderson, Chris Rock and Will Smith


Did ABC's 2013-23 run feel taxed, saddening and exhausting as the show disintegrated the last two years?  ABC recognized this and is handling the matter appropriately.  They shall give the ruined show a proper time to rest, then shall spam the same formula in fall 2023.  The genius concept is ABC has opted to update the cast to be with it and has Anthony Anderson headlining as Murray Goldberg.  Jada Pinkertt-Smith has signed on to reinvent Beverly Goldberg, right down to retiring that huge fried hair for something more sensible.  Perhaps this is a stretch as Pinkett-Smith is better skilled at dramatic delivery over slapstick farce.  

But ABC recognized she was the leading star in last year's Oscar Ceremony despite not having a speaking part, and they had to have her.  Yes, she's approaching 52 which is age appropriate to play opposite Anderson as he is approaching 53 in August.  But is ABC reaching too far as they have her father Albert Solomon to be played by Chris Rock, who hit 58 in February?  Further icking up the roster of signed players is Pinkett-Smith's husband Will Smith (aged 54) is slated to play 49-year old Anderson's father Ben, whom eventually bitchslaps his daughter's father-in-law and demands "keep my daughter-in-law's name out of your fucking mouth!" which a confused Albert looks confused and responds "shit just got real!"

So the adults in the cast are cemented in their roles, but what about Erica, Barry and Adam?  43-year old Kevin Hart has been secured to play Adam Goldberg, 66-year old Jenifer Lewis has agreed to be cast as teenage Erica, and 62-year old Laurence Fishburne has signed on as angsty teenager Barry Goldberg.  

What a refreshing update to this tired show.  Are you excited to see Goldbergs rebooted with a more fitting cast?

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