FOX Renew/Cancel Week 16: ’HouseBroken’ Needs A New Home


Predictions for 4/15/23

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Below are the latest renew/cancel predictions for the Fox network in the 2022-23 television season. The numbers listed in the table mark the Nielsen rating low, average, and high for each respective program in the Adults 18-49 demographic. The "Y2Y (year-to-year) Change" column denotes how much the series has risen or fallen when compared to its average from the previous season. Since the last update, Fox has renewed two programs and canceled one. As always, only scripted programming will be taken into account in this column. 

HouseBroken: The scheduling of 'HouseBroken' has been an interesting saga to watch unfold. As mentioned in an earlier column, the series spent summer 2021 hovering around the 0.23-0.29 range in the Adults 18-49 demographic. After that feeble run, it awkwardly returned in December 2022 with ratings that fell into a very similar range (0.26/0.21). The series was yet again put on hiatus after that one-off showing but reemerged in late March with a stint in the 9:30 p.m. timeslot. The cartoon struggled for its first episode back (0.17) and managed to be the lowest-rated show on Fox on a night where everything else was a rerun. If that weren't bad enough, the series posted a terrifyingly poor 0.12 rating just a week later and lost three-hundredths from the repeat of 'Bob's Burgers' that led into it. 

This animated comedy is now the lowest-rated on the Fox network and is once more Likely to be Canceled. Fox has tossed this series all over the schedule during different periods of the year and has now stuffed it behind random reruns. They clearly have buyer's remorse when it comes to this pickup and are probably more interested in nurturing upcoming animated sitcoms like 'Krapopolis' and Grimsburg' (two cartoons that have been renewed for additional seasons before airing a single episode). 'HouseBroken' will be taking another break but is set to return on May 14th for a proper summer run, one that will probably be its last on the Fox network.

Alert: Fox Renewed freshman drama 'Alert' for a second season on March 23, 2023. This serves as a correct prediction for this column. Though the drama began in rough shape, it was upgraded to a likely renewal in early February when it showed stability and growth in its undesirable timeslot. If given a stronger lead-in next season, it is definitely possible that 'Alert' will show some improvement in the Adults 18-49 demographic. 

Accused: 'Accused' was Renewed for a second season on the same day as 'Alert'. This marks another correct prediction for this column. 'Accused' has been a "Likely Renewal" since it entered the chart in January after posting a surprisingly healthy 0.45 rating for its timeslot premiere. The anthology drama has since deteriorated and recently fell to a pitiful 0.21. Nonetheless, this renewal comes as no surprise since Fox provided this series with a monster NFL lead-in for its debut and positioned it right after the high-rated '9-1-1: Lone Star'. 

The Resident: 'The Resident' was officially Cancelled by the Fox network after a six-season run on April 6, 2023. This series clearly didn't deserve a cancellation based on 18-49 ratings alone, but it was getting up there in age and the middling ratings were simply not enough to warrant contract renegotiations. This serves as another correct prediction for this column. The long-running drama has been likely to be canceled in the chart since January

Animal Control: On April 6, 'Animal Control' (0.29) climbed to its highest rating since early March but then crashed to a new series low the following week (0.20). 'Animal Control' is Likely to be Renewed but its performance seems completely dependent on how 'Next Level Chef' performs. The sitcom falls and rises with 'Chef' and it is unclear how it would perform without it. Despite that, the semi-decent ratings and strong showing on streaming makes it the live-action comedy that is the safest bet to return.

Fantasy Island: 'Fantasy Island' returned from a month-long hiatus and fell to a pathetic new series low (0.14). This series is Certain to be Canceled and strengthening a case against it with these dismal showings.

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