WGA Members Vote to Authorize Strike

TV may be headed for another writers strike, over fifteen years after the previous one. Members of the Writers Guild of America have voted overwhelmingly in favor of a strike if a fair deal is not worked out with production studios by May 1st. With nearly 98% of voters in favor of a strike, it is the largest margin in favor of striking in the WGA's history (90% voted to strike in 2007, while 96% voted in favor in 2017, when a strike was averted). A primary goal of the strike to receive higher compensation for writers, with increased contributions to health and pension plans and the regulation of material produced by AI also listed among the guild's goals. If deals are unable to be worked out that all parties are satisfied with, a strike that may greatly impact the 2023-24 TV season may begin. How that will impact the fates of TV's currently-running series remains to be seen.

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