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Fox Nation is expanding its programming library on the first of the month!

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After being off the air for seven years, animated sitcom Bordertown will return for a second season on the streaming service Fox Nation. The Seth MacFarlane comedy originally aired on the Fox network in spring 2016 but only lasted a single, 13-episode season. MacFarlane is slated to have no involvement with this reboot and reportedly sold the rights to the series for $500. Bordertown takes place in the fictional town of "Mexifornia" where grumpy Border Patrol agent Bud Buckwald often butts heads with his happy-go-lucky Mexican neighbor Ernesto Gonzalez. 

Bordertown will undergo a "hard reset" for this reboot due to the network change and long hiatus it dealt with. For one, the entire voice cast will be replaced with Fox News personalities in an attempt to boost the status of the series. On top of being the program's showrunner, Tucker Carlson will be taking over the voice of Bud Buckwald, a character originally voiced by Hank Azaria. Ernesto Gonzalez will be voiced by Greg Gutfeld, a move that is sparking controversy online due to the exaggerated Mexican accent that Gutfeld will be using. Laura Ingraham will voice Bud's wife Janice, Ernesto's wife Maria, Bud's older daughter Becky, Bud's younger daughter Gert, and an assortment of other female characters. Jesse Watters will voice Pablo Barracuda, the biggest drug lord in the program's fictional town. Sean Hannity is set to play Ernesto's son Ruiz, Ernesto's undocumented father Placido, and Mexican trickster El Coyote. 

Outside of the voice cast shake-up, the series is expected to undergo a "conservative makeover". New showrunner Tucker Carlson intends to depict Bud's plight in a more sympathetic light and has reportedly disparaged the Fox entertainment network's animation lineup. When called for comment, Carlson said, "Liberal propogandist Seth MacFarlane wants us to view Bud as a racist who hates Mexican people. That could not be further from the truth. Bud is a hard-working patriot who stands up for his country. He is a loyal family man with true respect for the law and an impeccable border patrol agent who keeps America safe. We intend to make him the hero of this story. This is not going to be an insulting, perverted mess like Bob's Burgers or Family Guy. This will be a show all Americans who have love for their country can enjoy."

This marks the first time that Fox Nation has acquired a scripted series, indicating that the streaming service may be trying to become more competitive in the arena of online content. The second season will debut on June 31st with the season premiere "Biden Patrol". In the episode, Bud finds himself arrested after filming a viral video where he calls out Joe Biden for allegedly creating a border crisis. Episode two "Pronoun Palooza" will focus on Bud's refusal to call his daughter Gert by "she/they" pronouns. A total of 13 episodes are slated to be created for season two and will be released on a weekly basis. Production will be handled by the new animation studio American Art instead of Bento Box Entertainment. 

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