Planet Z Season 3 Episode 4: Fiery Road

Season 3 Episode 4
"Fiery Road"
Written by
William Fry & Michael Ledesma

Frank and Dion drive down a road surrounded by Violet and her Riders. They race down the road. Behind them, the Genesis Army pursues them with trucks, cars, and motorcycles.
Frank is driving.
They’re gaining on us
Frank pulls out his pistol.
Looks like this isn't gonna be a smooth ride.
Dion loads a rifle and a sawed-off double-barrel shotgun.
Violet rides up next to Frank. Frank lifts his pistol and nods at Violet. Violet nods in understanding. She pulls out a pistol. The other Riders pull out their weapons ranging from pistols to shotguns to machetes. The Genesis Army’s vehicles reach them.
Frank shoots out the window. The windows on the army cars are bulletproof. Frank keeps shooting. An army bike appears next to Dion. He shoots the soldier with the shotgun, killing him. The motorcycle hits an army car causing it to go off the road.
The Riders battle the army motorcycles. They shoot and slash at them. Many of the Riders crash or get shot off their bikes. The fallen bikes hit the pursuing army cars. Dion opens the truck door and shoots at the trucks and cars. Dion is able to get through some of the windows and kill the drivers.
A soldier in one of the army cars gets out and returns fire at Dion who takes cover inside the truck. Violet comes up behind the soldier and shoots the soldier. The soldier’s body falls out of the car. Violet pulls out a grenade and throws it into the car. She zooms ahead and the car explodes. The explosion takes out some army motorcycles and two cars.
The chase continues. Frank and Dion continue shooting from the truck.
We’re not gonna make it.
Take the wheel.
What are you doing?
Something very dangerous.
Dion takes the wheel. Frank exits the truck and gets on the truck bed. Violet appears next to the truck bed.
What are you doing?
You still got that bazooka?
Violet signals to one of the Riders. The Rider goes to them and hands Frank the bazooka. Frank loads it and aims at the Genesis Army convoy. Frank shoots at the convoy and hits one of the cars. The car takes out the remainder of the army convoy. Frank, Dion, and the Riders celebrate.
A soldier on a motorcycle emerges from the smoke. He points a gun at Frank and shoots him. Frank is hit and is thrown from the truck. He lands on the side of the road. He is unconscious.
Keep going!
Dion reluctantly keeps going followed by the remaining Riders. The Genesis Army’s vehicles stop. A soldier gets out of the car and sees Frank. They put Frank in a truck and drive back the way they came.

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