American Housewife Review - Vacation S4E19

Written by Harrison Cheung

The penultimate episode of a shortened season, AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE takes the Ottos to Hollywood for vacation (the free trip Anna-Kat won in a cookie-selling contest). And like most vacations, this episode was packed!


Katie and Greg plan to celebrate her 40th birthday in style at Pump's restaurant with the hopes of getting a glimpse of Lisa Vanderpump (REAL HOUSEWIVES). Things go awry when they decide the kids can wander around Hollywood on their own while the two decide to visit a marijuana dispensary. Watching Katie and Greg stoned with the giggles is already an episode-worth of laughs.

Taylor and Anna-Kat hit the Hollywood Walk of Stars where Taylor promptly loses her money to a scamming street artist. The sisters have to figure out how to make back their money, and Anna-Kat shows off her pipes when she figures out she can busk for dough.

As Oliver describes it, this is their first family vacation they ever needed a plane to go to.  Apparently the car rides to "Colonial Crapsburg" don't count.  But he and bestie, Cooper, get into tiff at the beginning of the episode.  Cooper surprises the Ottos by taking the private jet to meet them in LA.  In the episode's only misstep, Cooper - yes, even by season four - still seems clueless that the Otto's are middle-class without his vast financial resources.  That was cute in the first couple of seasons, but Cooper's character needs to grow.

But maybe there's some character growth in the near future. The AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE producers continue to tease with the "is he or isn't he gay" fun.  At the beginning of the episode, Oliver snaps at Cooper, "I don't feel seen or known by you."  Cooper, trying to understand Oliver's irritation and frustration with him asks, "I really want to understand what's going on with you."  Then by the end of the episode, Cooper delivers the kicker, "it feels bad when your best friend has something you want but can't have." At one point, Katie even suggests Oliver should marry Cooper - Oliver protests though Cooper stays noticeably quiet. Thanks for an episode loaded with moments that even fans on Reddit are demanding an endgame. 

The last episode is coming up - PROM!

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