The Middle S9E12 Review

In this week's episode of The Middle, Axl is spending more time with Mike, and Sue tries to help Brad get to know a friend of her boyfriend's that he is interested in before she breaks up with him.

S9E12 "The Other Man"

Axl is starting his new job, and this ends up leading to him and Mike spending more time together. It doesn't really make that much sense to me that Axl's job would cause this, but Axl and Mike spending so much time together leaves Frankie to feel left out, and the way that she reacts to this is very Frankie-like. Frankie takes Brick to have fun to make the other two jealous, and Brick ends up sharing some advice with Frankie about how he is able to stand being left out so much.

There ends up being a sweet ending here, where Frankie gets Brick a piece of birthday cake for each of the seven that she missed. It seems like Frankie and Brick will be closer after this, and I really like that. Also, at the very end of the episode, Axl leaves to spend time with Lexi, so Mike and Frankie end up spending more time together again.

Sue and Brad's part of the episode all has to do with dating. Sue is going to break up with Aidan, as Brad encourages her to do, but then he asks her to wait when it turns out that Aidan has an attractive gay friend named Luke. Brad, of course, doesn't know what to do around Luke. At first he is boring, but after Sue brings that to his attention he can't stop talking. There are some funny moments throughout this story, such as Sue and Brad's conversation about dating, and every time that something Aidan does leads to Sue getting hurt.

In the end, Brad finally goes out with Luke, and Sue realizes that she might want to be with Aidan. I really don't like how long they are dragging out the Sue romance story, I thought they were getting really close to getting Sue and Sean together, but it looks like they aren't.

There were some really enjoyable parts of this episode, Brad and Sue being the highlight. Frankie was also funny, though like I said, I don't see how Axl getting this job suddenly caused him and Mike to hang out so much, and how that caused Mike to not think about Frankie.

Score: 8.5/10

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