Retro Recommendations: Seinfeld

Seinfeld is today's Retro Recommendation. Seinfeld stars Jerry Seinfeld as the fictionalized version of himself. Set in New York City in an apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, the show features a handful of friends and acquaintances, for example, his best friend George Costanza (Jason Alexander), Elaine Benes (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), and Cosmo Kramer (Michael Richards).

Seinfeld, one of the greatest and most influential sitcoms of all time, ran for a total of nine seasons and 180 episodes. In the early seasons, the sitcom was slow to cultivate a audience, but then became one of the highest rated sitcoms near the end of its run.

You may find more about its ratings in our Ratings History columns.

And that does it for today's Retro Recommendations. Stay tuned for highlights of more of your classic shows.

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