Sporcle Holiday Quizzes of the Week: New Year’s Edition/Sporcle Contest Part 5

The end (of 2017) is nigh, as New Year's Day quickly approaches. But we've still got one more Holiday Quizzes of the Week episode for you, and this week's focuses on the New Year!

1- Famous People on New Year's Eve
This tests your pop culture and celebrity knowledge more than anything, but that may be good for some holiday knowledge-challenged quiz takers out there. There's plenty of big names, as well as ones that have firmly established themselves as part of many people's New Year's Eve traditions. Many host (or hosted) annual New Year's specials. And some are Stevie Nicks.

2- Cities Celebrating New Year's Eve
This is horribly difficult, and I did terrible, but at least the pictures are pretty. It's still a fun quiz though, despite needing to resort to guessing on a large majority of these (I entered Tokyo for just about all of them except the one where Tokyo was the answer). Even if you do terrible like me, just take a look at all of the pictures. They're breathtaking.
My Score: 12/25

3- Does It Drop on New Year's?
Why are some of these things traditions? That's the question I asked myself after playing this one, and I don't think anyone can truly answer it. Some stuff really is just too weird to make up, and some stuff is just too normal to actually drop on New Year's Eve. Also, Pennsylvania and North Carolina seem to be really big fans of the holiday, since most of these take place there.
My Score: 15/30

4- New Year's Eve Movies
This is a pretty fun one, even though you probably don't even realize that most of these take place on the holiday. I know I didn't, but I knew a surprising amount of them considering that I've barely seen any, but I guess that's a side effect of Sporcle. Though I am offended by the use of 'Poseidon' rather than 'The Poseidon Adventure,' but what are you gonna do?
My Score: 18/20

5- Chinese New Year Animal Click
I don't know very much about Chinese New Year, but I know a lot about pop culture, and if you do too, you'll do very well at this one. It's less about the holiday than identifying the species of famous animals, but it's still very fun.
My Score: 21/24

1- Barb, 82 points
2- WCS, 63 points
3- Miguens, 60 points

This is week five of the Holiday Quizzes of the Week Tournament. For each week, the number of questions you got correct on each quiz will be added up. The first place finisher receives 3 points for placing first, as well. This is the same scoring system used for previous editions, which aired throughout Summer and Fall. Please make sure to use your score for your first attempt on each quiz as your official score, in order to make things fair. Please use the below form to submit.

And the winner is...
Barb! congratulations on being the first-ever Sporcle Holiday Quizzes of the Week champion!

Full Tournament Standings:
1- Barb, 890 points
2- Crazy Ex-Nashville Fan, 885 points
3- Lisa, 788 points
4- Miguens, 851 points
5- WCS, 618 points
6-The TV Ratings Guy, 302 points
7- Full Boyle, 164 points

Thanks for playing the final edition of Sporcle Holiday Quizzes of the Week! We'll be back next year for another round of this Holiday extravaganza!

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