The Simpsons Moves to Disney Plus


Just how much money does one little mouse need to make?  Citing declining profits and licensing difficulties, Disney has announced the Simpsons will move exclusively to Disney Plus in the fall at the start of their 35th season.  Despite this drastic change, series creator Matt Groening has remained optimistic and hinted good things are coming:

"With Disney's invested capital, we can update the show.  We no longer have network constraints, angry parents and censors constantly interfering with the quality of the show.  Due to this interference, the show has been a shell of its former self."

Sources state recent drops in the ratings precipitated FOX to trim the budget, and Dinsey stepped forward seeing a lucrative opportunity.  "We plan on washing it down, getting back to the basics and making the show as funny as it was during its first 8 seasons." muses Groening.  "We lost that charm a long time ago.  We will see Bart continuing to prank Moe, Sideshow Bob making relevant appearances and get back to the defining qualities of the characters."

The Simpsons' last episode on FOX will air on May 21, and season 35 is expected to debut sometime in November.

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