NBC Reboots The Apprentice Starring Kathy Griffin


NBC seems to have stalled creatively and scraping the barrel.  After Donald Trump refused to revive his successful reality TV show and was quoted "you can hand that to Kathy Griffin for all I care."   NBC must have liked the concept, as Griffin will host the series in early 2024 on Sundays.  To steer away from her friend Donald's famous "you're fired" dismissal phrase, Kathy took a more tactful approach.  When she dismisses contestants, they shall be told "Off with your head!"

Can't NBC locate something original?  Or perhaps just stick Saturday Night Live reruns in that slot?  One perk is Griffin has agreed not to bring Trump into her skits or humor, so she must be taking this role seriously as her comedy is limited to ripping on Trump.  Perhaps an unfunny enterprise may be the key to reviving Griffin's damaged career.

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