ABC Orders Grey’s Spinoff: Ghosts Anatomy

 What is it with networks copycatting hits from other networks?  Ghosts regularly beats Grey's Anatomy in the current ratings, so ABC has opted to create a spinoff, Ghosts Anatomy, starring ultra popular alum Katherine Heigl as Dr. Izzie Stephens.  Now an undertaker, Izzie cannot move past her ghostly hookup with Denny, and she continues to seek romance with the dead.  Rounding out the cast is Joy Behar, a fellow actress whom has admitted she enjoys hooking up with the dead.  

Given CBS has already ordered Ghosts Hooking Up and FOX revived failed sitcom Ghosted, could this bee too much undead saturation?  And do viewers really need to relive the story which ruined Izzie and launched Grey's Anatomy into its first of many downturns?  Perhaps ABC will learn their lesson or generate a hit.

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