CBS Renew/Cancel Week 3: Evil Makes a Move

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In this weeks update, Evil and Magnum PI each move to more positive territory, while another show slips to Likely to be Cancelled   .
Certain to be Cancelled
Likely to be Cancelled
Toss-Up for Renewal
Likely to be Renewed
Certain to be Renewed

All Rise
The Unicorn
Bob <3 Abishola
Blue Bloods

Friended Me 
Magnum PI

Second Act


Hawaii Five-0

The Neighborhood


Nothing about CBS is easy to predict this season. Most shows are within two or three tenths of each other, meaning other factors play a major role in whether or not a show is renewed. CBS obviously cannot renew everything, but that looks like where we are at right now.

After a few weeks of middling results, Evil put up its most impressive rating yet this past week. While an 0.7 is nothing to celebrate, it held 100% of its lead in, and was close to the year-ago timeslot occupant, SWAT. The show skews younger than most CBS fare, and does pretty well in L+3 and L+7 data. In just one week, Evil moves from Likely to be Cancelled to Likely to be Renewed. Evil may not get an episode extension this season, but should be back for another season next year.

Sophomore Magnum PI jumps from Likely to be Cancelled to Toss-Up, where it spent most of last season too. The ratings are less than stellar, even as part of a compatible Friday night lineup. Despite that, CBS really seems to like this show. Nothing, as of now, points toward a cancellation. More data points will help paint a clearer picture.

Heading in the wrong direction is God Friended Me. Sunday nights rating, without football as a lead in, saw the show drop to .6, right around its series low last spring. The first two weeks were a Toss-Up, but this week it moves to Likely to be Cancelled. God Friended Me really needs a boost to happen sometime soon, or its the end of the line.

No other moves took place this week. There are some shows to keep an eye on in the coming weeks. All Rise is still at risk for cancellation, and has not shown much of a pulse on Monday nights. One or two more weeks of below average ratings will see it shift to Certain to be Cancelled. Fellow Monday night freshman Bob <3 Abishola also looked quite weak in its last few episodes. I keep giving it the benefit of the doubt, mostly due to the Chuck Lorre connection. Similar to All Rise, a few more bad data points may be the end of Bob. The final show to watch is The Unicorn. Ratings have been 'meh' thus far, but there has been some DVR interest. Its difficult to say whether or not The Unicorn will get an episode extension.

Which CBS shows do you think will be cancelled this season? Let us know in the comments below!

Officially Cancelled/Ended
Officially Renewed
Criminal Minds
Madam Secretary
Young Sheldon

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