The Bullpen Season 2 Episode 21: Still The Playoffs

Kurt: long-term reliever-turned starting pitcher
Lorenzo: middle-relief pitcher
Jason: bullpen coach
Robert: 8th inning/setup pitcher
Bryan: closer
Eli: left-handed specialist

Bryan: I can’t believe we’re still playing.
Jason: Our team is still playing. We’re not.
Lorenzo: Why aren’t I starting today?
Jason: This time, they decided to actually have a starter start the game. Shocking, I know.
Lorenzo: Actually it makes sense.
Jason: I was being sarcastic. 
Lorenzo: Oh. Me too then.
Eli: Same as me.
Jason: Eli you didn’t even say anything.
Eli: Yeah I did, I said you were a great bullpen coach.
Jason: Thanks. I mean, hey! That’s mean!
Kurt: Kind of true though.
Jason: I know. I guess that's why I'm going to be pitching coach next season, they don't like my performance as bullpen coach.
Robert: Probably. 
Lorenzo: So you're sure we're not pitching?
Jason: Yes I'm sure. Why do you ask again? 
Lorenzo: Just seeing if I can eat another wing. 
Jason: You always do that anyway. 
Eli: Why are there so many people in the other bullpen?
Jason: I think they're all options for pitching for the other team.
Kurt: There are like 20 people in there.
Jason: I know, they stocked up on pitching and don't have too many backup fielders.
Kurt: That makes no sense.
Jason: Yep, our team is probably gonna win this one.
Eli: Don't be so pessimistic!
Jason: Relax Eli. One more game tops. 
Eli: Fine. 
(A voice comes from the other bullpen)
Opposing Player #1: Hey, can we have your bullpen?
Lorenzo: Excuse me?
Kurt: Lorenzo let me take care of this. Excuse me?
Opposing Player #1: Hey, can we have your bullpen?
Kurt: We heard you! Wondering why you want it though.
Opposing Player #2: If you can't tell we're a little cramped in here.
Kurt: Not our problem that you have too many pitchers.
Opposing Player #2: You guys aren't even going to pitch today, just let some of us sit in there.
Bryan: Nice try, we know you just want our special bench and snack bar.
Opposing Player #3: You have a special bench and snack bar?
Robert: Yes, that's all anyone has ever known about us.
Jason: I know none of you have your own space, but we kind of like our bullpen area and a lot of us aren't coming back to it next season. 
Opposing Player #1: Oh, why didn't you say so? As you were.
Jason: See everyone, that's how you deal with things.
Robert: Why are they all coming over to us?
Jason: Do you think they know?
Bryan: Know what?
Opposing Player #4: We know you sat in our bullpen when you first got here.
Lorenzo: OK in my defense, I didn't know for a few seconds. Then I realized the snack bar wasn't there.
Opposing Player #4: I could care less. I'm here because they told me you have a good bench and there's no chance I'm pitching today.
Eli: Oh, then you'd fit right in!
Opposing Player #4: This is a nice bench. Wish I could be on this team!
Eli: Well I'm going to be the general manager of your current team next season, so maybe I could make a deal.
Opposing Player #4: As ridiculous as that sounds, I like it.
Jason: OK I'm leaving. You know the drill, if we win we're back next week, if we lose...we lose.

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