FOX Renew/Cancel: Prodigal Son is Likely to be Renewed, Might The Resident Move to ABC?

Welcome to the FOX Renew/Cancel column. It's week 3 for the FOX shows, and things are changing so much, I had to abandon one rule when deciding on FOX shows in the New Fox era. Another show received a full season pickup this week. Here are this week's predictions.

Certain Renewal
Bob’s Burgers
Likely Renewal
Family Guy
Likely Renewal
Prodigal Son
Likely Renewal
Bless the Harts
Leans Cancelation
The Resident
Leans Cancelation
Almost Family
Certain Cancelation
The Simpsons
Final Season
Prodigal Son: Let's start with the show in the headline. Although Prodigal Son ticked down to a still solid 0.9 this week, it scored a full season pickup this week, bringing the total number of episodes to 22. Another factor that led me to upgrade the show is that FOX Entertainment co-owns the show along with Warner Bros. That may help its case in the coming weeks and months. Prodigal Son is now likely to be renewed.

The Resident: Now that I analyzed the situation with The Resident further, I decided to downgrade it to leans cancelation. A 0.7 is not bad for a veteran, but it is not great. The only way The Resident will sneak in a renewal and satisfy the third season rule is if Disney will significantly lower the license fee for FOX to even air it because it is unowned. The same thing may apply to Last Man Standing later on, but that's coming midseason. The Resident, as of right now, is looking to be this year's Star. But the question is, might The Resident move to ABC? At this point, it's not likely. But stranger things have happened. Brooklyn Nine-Nine got moved to NBC after FOX canceled the show. Many years ago, Medium moved to CBS after airing on NBC for many years. The Mindy Project moved to streaming site Hulu for the next three seasons. Cougar Town and American Dad both moved to TBS. A show moving networks has happened before, but it is rare for a show to move to another broadcast network. We may analyze this further on down the line.

Bless the Harts: Bless the Harts did not go up that much after a football-fueled The Simpsons. It was at a 1.3. It's a solid number, but retention is terrible for it. With only 13 episodes, it is looking like another Son of Zorn. Bless the Harts now leans cancelation. Don't be surprised if Duncanville or The Great North shows up midseason to replace it.

Almost Family: Almost Family adjusted down for a second week in a row to a 0.7 in the key demo with less than 1 million viewers. I don't know what that means, but that screams the show is dead. It's nowhere to be found in the Live+3 ratings last week. It wasn't even in the top 40. Almost Family is certain to be canceled now, but it not a question of the act of getting pulled, it's how long the show will last.

What do you think of this week's predictions? Let us know in the comments below!

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