CBS Renew/Cancel Week Two: Veterans Return

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Three veteran CBS dramas returned this week, and sophomore God Friended Me now has two weeks of data. Find out where they all begin their season.

Certain to be Cancelled
Likely to be Cancelled
Toss-Up for Renewal
Likely to be Renewed
Certain to be Renewed

All Rise
The Unicorn
Bob <3 Abishola
Blue Bloods

God Friended Me

Magnum PI

Second Act

Hawaii Five-0


The Neighborhood
Not a single show that was in the charts last week moved this week. Once we have another week of data under our belts, it will become a lot more clear where things stand over at CBS. For now, let us focus on the four (three?) shows that returned to the charts this week.

The Wednesday night drama duo of SEAL Team and SWAT returned with minimal fanfare. SEAL Team looked okay in its season premiere, notching a .73, down only 8% from its year ago premiere. That result is down slightly from how it performed in the timeslot last year, and is up from its performance in the 10 o'clock hour. SEAL Team starts the season as Likely to be Renewed, but do not be surprised to see it bumped up to Certain in our next update. As for SWAT, it had an uglier return. On a new night (Wednesday from Thursday), the season premiere clocked a .56, a new series low. Last season also returned rather disastrous before building in the coming weeks. Lets hope its a similar situation this time around too, or things could get bad quickly. Until we see worse results, SWAT begins its third season as Likely to be Renewed.

No show gives me more headaches than God Friended Me. The numbers never look great, but never look terrible either. The performances after football are okay, but with no football, they are less than okay. The interest in L+SD and L+3/7 really is not there either. After its renewal last season, God Friended Me continued a trend of looking worse as the season progressed. So far we have a data point with football (.88) and a data point without football (.7). I do think CBS will ultimately renew God Friended Me, however, a cancellation would not be much of a surprise either. I do need some more data before going one way or another with its fate. As of today. God Friended Me is a Toss-Up.

Acclaimed drama Madam Secretary returned for its sixth (and final) season, which will consist of 10 episodes. The new season debuted with a .45, down 32% from last years premiere. As with the other shows with their fates determined, this is the final time we will discuss Madam Secretary.

What are your thoughts? Are SEAL Team and SWAT as safe as they appear? Are we due for a surprise cancellation from CBS? Sound off in the comments below!

Officially Cancelled/Ended
Officially Renewed
Criminal Minds
Madam Secretary
Young Sheldon

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