FOX Renew/Cancel: Another Week, Another Almost Family is Certain to be Canceled Headline

Since last week, there has been virtually no changes to the prediction table for the FOX scripted lineup. Here are this week's predictions. 
Certain Renewal
Bob’s Burgers
Likely Renewal
Family Guy
Likely Renewal
Prodigal Son
Likely Renewal
Bless the Harts
Leans Cancelation
The Resident
Leans Cancelation
Almost Family
Certain Cancelation
The Simpsons
Final Season
Almost Family: Another week goes by and it is becoming more glaringly obvious that Almost Family is certain to be canceled. Never mind that it is the only show that FOX has any stake for ownership, even though all new shows are 50-50 coproductions with the studio that produces the shows. Just by the strength of its Masked Singer lead-in compared to 9-1-1's strength with Prodigal Son, Almost Family is the weaker show. But at least it is steady compared to Prodigal Son, I'd give it that. But when push comes to shove, a 0.7 out of a 2.0 just can't be good for FOX's bottom line. And the fact that there has been no news on episode cuts or extensions, the news is getting more bad by the moment.

Bless the Harts: Bless the Harts showed that it was the weakest link in the lineup this week when it scored a 0.6, which makes it the lowest rated animated show this week. It's not even proving its case for a renewal in any sense right now. However, the lineup as a whole is averaging fractional without football. So it may be the case it would be the pity renewal. But it's not getting a backorder due to production timelines. Two other animated shows are coming midseason as well. Many people say that it could have a shot at renewal especially if a show in development that is ordered to series is not ready for fall. I'm not buying this. Considering the number of animated shows in development, which is a lot, FOX may not need Bless the Harts in order to continue Animation Domination. Bless the Harts still leans cancelation, just on that regard.

Prodigal Son: Prodigal Son dropped to a 0.8 after 9-1-1 dropped to a 1.4. That indicates that the show is nowhere close to stabilizing. But it is still stronger than Almost Family. FOX already gave the show a full season, which signals great confidence in the show. As of right now, I would not panic just yet. We may evaluate the show further come midseason, but it is still likely to be renewed.

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