The Bullpen Season 2 Episode 19: Playoff Game #1

Kurt: long-term reliever-turned starting pitcher
Lorenzo: middle-relief pitcher
Jason: bullpen coach
Robert: 8th inning/setup pitcher
Bryan: closer
Eli: left-handed specialist

Jason: So just to be clear everyone, we're here because our team made the playoffs. Not to just sit here.
Robert: We sit here all game every day.
Jason: I meant we're going to sit here AND watch a game. Kurt, are you starting today?
Kurt: No. Wait, shouldn't you have known that already?
Jason: What do I look like, the pitching coach?
Kurt: No but soon enough you will be. 
Jason: Let me enjoy my duties as a bullpen coach for now.
Lorenzo: What duties?
Jason: Exactly. 
Bryan: Do you all realize we're in the third inning?
Eli: Yeah. Game started at 8 and we're arriving casually late.
Bryan: I don't think that's a thing when you're on the team but OK.
Lorenzo: Who's down for leaving casually early?
Eli: When are you thinking, maybe the seventh inning?
Lorenzo: Sure.
Jason: Don't leave, you have to stay all ten innings.
Kurt: Um, there are nine innings in a baseball game.
Jason: I have a bet that this game's going to go to extra innings and our team will lose in the tenth from the bullpen walking in a run. I have $400 on this so don't disappoint me.
Lorenzo: Can I go in the game to lose it?
Jason: Not up to me. The guy on the phone will say.
Kurt: Isn't betting against the rules?
Jason: I don't know, maybe. 
Eli: And more importantly, why would anybody ever want to bet hundreds of dollars on us pitching? 
Jason: I originally meant for the bet to be $4 but one thing led to another and now it's $400. Don't ask.
Bryan: I should probably get going, with the baby and all...
Jason: Nice try, you're staying. The more people here eligible to blow the game the better.
Kurt: Phone's ringing.
Jason: Answer it.
Kurt: That's your job.
Jason: Fine. (Answers phone) Hello?...Yes...Alright I'll tell them. (Hangs up).
Eli: What was it?
Jason: They want you warming up. They're not going to put you in unless we go to extra innings though. 
Eli: Really?
Jason: Actually, they want Kurt to warm up, but still, start preparing for the tenth inning, you're my best chance.
Eli: On it!
Kurt: I suppose I should warm up too. Phone's ringing again by the way, shouldn't you be able to realize that?
Jason: (Answers phone) Hello?...Bye. (hangs up).
Lorenzo: What'd they say?
Jason: This time they actually said they want Eli to warm up for the tenth inning. I'm not kidding.
Eli: Seriously?
Jason: Somehow. Pick up a ball and start throwing it somewhere. Try to keep it in the bullpen.
Lorenzo: I'll catch!
Eli: No you won't, you'll let the ball hit your chest like you always do.
(Fast forward to the botton of the tenth inning. The bullpen's team has scored a run in the top of the inning.)
Jason: This is it. $400 on the line Eli, don't fail me!
(Eli walks up to the pitcher's mound. They watch him pitch.)
Lorenzo: That ball's coming toward us!
Jason: Could this be a home run?!
(Outfielder jumps over the wall to make the catch).
Jason: Well that's one out.
(Eli throws another pitch. Another outfielder jumps over the wall to make the catch.)
Jason: I can't believe this.
(Eli throws his third pitch. The third outfielder jumps over the wall to make the third out. Game over.)
Jason: Looks like I'm down $400 and our team is still playing another game.
Lorenzo: Who wants to go to my not-yet-open restaurant? 
Jason: I'll go. Give me all the cotton candy you have.

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