Selina Meyer to Run for 2020 Democratic Nomination

She may be a fictional character, but the star of Veep is joining the long list of candidates for the Democratic nomination in 2020. Meyer, a former president, vice president, senator and congresswoman on Veep, said in her announcement speech  that "the fact that I'm not real doesn't make me any less qualified or eligible to serve. If this Tulsi Gabbard person can run, I can run." Despite her fictionality, Meyer has consistently been one of the top polling candidates in all polls, and is even leading in the Maryland primary. She trails only Joe Biden in polling for the Iowa caucus. Meyer has promised to "finally give Trump his match" when it comes to absurd antics and crude remarks.  Should she win the Democratic nomination, Meyer expressed interest in selecting Josiah Bartlet, Bob Belcher, Leslie Knope or Sam Malone as her Vice President. Meyer's daughter Catherine has gone on the record to endorse "anyone but" her mother.

Word among political reporters is that Marge Simpson, Liz Lemon and TVRGO's own Marietta Landfield are also planning their own runs. Meanwhile, Brian Griffin, long a rumored contender, is likely to decline running for president and is likely to run in the US Senate race in Rhode Island, challenging incumbent senator Jack Reed.

What do you think of this fake news? Would you vote for Selina Meyer? Let us know in the comments below!

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