Will & Grace Season 10 Finale Review

I wasn't too thrilled with many episodes of Will & Grace that it aired during the first half of its season, but the show has been consistently great in 2019. I didn't review the past two episodes, but I owe it to the show to return for the finale. This episode will resolve last week's cliffhanger, which saw Grace and Will get upset with one another over Noah. It'll also hopefully resolve Karen's recent  identity crisis, all as Jack's wedding quickly approaches.

Grace is still upset with Will after he told her his true thoughts about Noah last week, and she makes this abundantly clear. The two argue it out at the airport, but Grace wants to put a hold on it until after Jack's wedding. However, the plane gets delayed due to bad weather, and even Karen can't help it. The plane does get completely canceled though, so that's cool. Jack takes this terribly. Speaking of traveling, McCoy tells Jack that he's getting a job in London, and the two discuss their long-distance future. Estefan tells Jack that they will just get married at the airport, which Jack isn't thrilled about. (So irrational Jack, an airport wedding is everyone's dream!)

McCoy tells Will that he didn't get the London job, but then admits that he actually turned down the job. Will tries to convince him to change his mind, and he does. Smitty makes his obligatory to give Karen advice on her new-found lesbianism. He tells her that she might not actually be a lesbian, just confused, and it gets her thinking. Grace and Will get in another argument at the bar, which leads to Will telling her again that she can do better, despite her belief otherwise.

Jack is worried that there's nobody to marry him and Estefan, but he soon finds someone, for a $75 $200 fee. Grace hits it off with some other guy at the airport. Karen tells Nikki that she's straight after all.

Jack and Estefan's wedding kicks off, with Jack not having any vows prepared and Estefan not caring. Jack delivers nice vows anyway but all of the guests start devolving into messes anyway. Grace starts to sing (which Smitty puts and end to), and McCoy starts crying over his impending breakup with Will. Just as Jack and Estefan are about to say "I Do," Will proposes to McCoy, and Jack freaks out. Grace decides to track down the guy from earlier and go away with him.


This was a great episode, and if I didn't know any better, I'd say that it was a fitting series finale. It also worked out nicely as a season finale, though, and I'm exciting to see where it goes with some of these storylines next season. I don't expect Will's engagement to last very long considering how incapable of growth both he and Grace are, but I guess we will see. Nevertheless, it set up an interesting plot for Will next season. Karen's storyline from these last few episodes wrapped up nicely with the help of Smitty, and I was glad to see my favorite TV bartender (well, behind the gang from Cheers) make an appearance to help guide Karen. The ending featuring Grace heading off with her new love interest (Reid Scott, or Dan Egan as we Veep fans know him) was satisfying, mainly because it confirms that he relationship with Noah (who I used to like before last week) will come to an end soon. I didn't want Jack to get married, but his storyline tonight was still really fun and I am proud of his growth over these two revival seasons. All in all, this was a very nice finale which wrapped up the storylines from this past season very well, all while leaving us wanting more (and soon!).

Thanks for reading my Will & Grace reviews all season! I'll be back for more reviews this fall (hopefully) or whenever the show returns for season 11, so make sure to be there!

Score: 9/10
Grade: A-

Season Score: 8.5/10
Season Grade: B+

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