CBS Renew/Cancel Week 15: SWAT Certain to be Renewed

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CBS renewed two long-running dramas this week, and we see movement in the charts from three other dramas. Take a look at where things are less than a month before upfront presentations.
Certain to be Cancelled
Likely to be Cancelled
Toss-Up for Renewal
Likely to be Renewed
Certain to be Renewed
Happy Together
Hawaii Five-0
Los Angeles
Murphy Brown

Madam Secretary
New Orleans

Man with a Plan


As expected, CBS handed out a renewal to NCIS for its seventeenth (!) season. With the renewal, NCIS will hit 400 episodes sometime in April/May 2020, a very impressive feat for any television series. NCIS was Certain to be Renewed from week one and never once moved to any other column on the charts - one of the few series to not move all season.

The other drama to score a renewal this week was Blue Bloods, which will head into its tenth season in the fall. There was never really doubt it would end up cancelled, but it spent 13 of 14 weeks as Likely to be Renewed before finally moving to Certain to be Renewed in the last update. Chalk up both of these veterans as another correct prediction for The TV Ratings Guide!

Now let's talk about the movers on the chart this week...
After starting the season as Likely to be Cancelled, SWAT finds itself as Certain to be Renewed for the first time. Sure, the season premiere 0.68 was ugly, but other than a 0.66 in week six, that was the lowest it would be all season. SWAT climbed as high as .919 in early March before slipping back into the 0.7s after a month off the air. Overall, SWAT is down only 19% from its freshman season, and that is rather impressive with many shows dropping 25-40% this season.

Friday night dramas MacGyver and Hawaii Five-0 find themselves swapping spots once again this week. I am not sure if CBS plans on cancelling either one, but if they did, MacGyver is more at risk this week. DVR numbers for the lead off Friday drama are pretty abysmal, and CBS needs one of its timeslots to open up for a new series (or Magnum PI). Hawaii Five-0 continues to show its strength with a nice one-two punch with fellow drama Blue Bloods. Don't mess with what is working!

New Thursday night comedy Fam finished its run this week with an OK performance. Similar to Happy Together, Fam never dropped into ugly territory, and yet never looked strong either. DVR numbers are nearly non-existent, and I think that is what ultimately causes its cancellation.

I had initially planned to hold off on this column until next week, after the official premiere of The Code and the season premiere of Life in Pieces. With some renewals coming this week, I decided it was a good time to provide an update just in case CBS delivered some more news. In all likelihood, there will be a small update next week for those two series.

What are your thoughts on CBS this week? Will any series be cancelled?
Officially Cancelled/Ended
Officially Renewed
Big Bang Theory
Blue Bloods

Criminal Minds


God Friended Me

Magnum PI




Young Sheldon

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