NBC Renew/Cancel Week 12: Nielsen Is The Enemy Within’s Biggest Enemy

The end of the season keeps creeping closer, but there's still a ton going on at NBC. The fates of many shows have bene decided, and the fates of some shows look a bit clearer, so it's time for a new update. Keep reading for predictions on some of the few remaining NBC series.

Certain Cancellation:
AP Bio
I Feel Bad

Likely Cancellation: 
The Enemy Within
The Village

Leans Cancellation:


Leans Renewal: 

Likely Renewal:

Certain Renewal:

Saturday Night Live
This Is Us

Already Renewed:
Will & Grace
The Good Place
New Amsterdam
Chicago Fire
Chicago Med
Chicago PD
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
The Blacklist
Law & Order: SVU
Good Girls

Already Canceled/Final Season:
Midnight, Texas

The Enemy Within: I said last week that I'd give this show one last chance to prove itself this week, and it absolutely failed that test. Even with the much-lower competition, it failed to rebound at all and stayed at an abysmal 0.6. That somehow still lets it tie for #1 among NBC's 10 PM dramas, but that still should not cut it. Its retention is worse than any other 10 PM show on the network, and NBC really doesn't need it, especially given the recent Good Girls renewal. I still don't think it's completely dead, but its odds are falling with every nasty result, of which there have been many as of late. It's being downgraded to a LIKELY CANCELLATION.

Abby's: NBC's new sitcom scores a 0.4 in its first airing without Will & Grace, which is an extremely ugly result for any show. That's in-line with I Feel Bad's lowest of lows, and is pull-worthy. However, I'm not downgrading it to certain cancellation territory mainly because of NBC's tendency to renew a midseason flop comedy every time. Given the change in network presidents this time around, I expect the show to be more of a Champions than an AP Bio or Great News, but I still think it has a (very) small shot as scoring an upset renewal. LIKELY CANCELLATION.

Good Girls: NBC renewed this second-season dramedy this week, just a day after I gave it an upgrade. I was down on its odds all season until a last-second change of heart, but this is a correct prediction nevertheless. The show certainly isn't a hit, but I don't think this is a bad renewal at all. I'll see it next season in the renew/cancel!

Manifest: This show was one show I was always confident, but never certain, of my prediction throughout the season. NBC handed the series a second-season renewal on Monday, confirming my beliefs that the series would return and granting us a second correct prediction.

What do you think of my predictions? What are your predictions? Let me know in the comments below!

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