Marietta Season 1, Episode 12 - A Campaign To Remember

 Marietta Season 1, Episode 12
 A Campaign To Remember

The year is 1992. Marietta’s special election campaign for the US House is entering its final weeks.
Marietta: Mom, what’s going on? How are the polls?
Patty Lynn: I wish I didn’t have to be the one to tell you this, but…
Marietta: They’re really bad? We live in New Orleans in the eternally Democratic Louisiana, I can’t believe I would ever lose to a Republican.
Patty Lynn: Don’t kid yourself, you’re winning by 50%!
Marietta: Oh my god!
Martin: You’re going places, Marietta. You will single-handedly continue the Landfield legacy. I don’t think your brother’s very interested in politics.
Milton: I told you dad, I’m far more interested in writing an informative book about the history of the best show on television, Roseanne. It will always be beloved and iconic.
Martin: You need to aim higher, son. You have what it takes to be a Governor! Or maybe even a Senator!
Patty Lynn: Let’s aim lower Martin, he’s not exactly politically-minded. He’s certainly not Marietta.
Martin: He sure isn’t. Marietta was running for the state house - and winning- when Milton was spending all his time watching Ghostbusters over and over and over again.
Milton: I still do that! And I’m doing great with my life anyway.
Martin: What I’m trying to say is that Marietta would be in bed by 10 so she could be up to campaign at 5 to start campaigning, and you’d rather stay in bed until noon. But you have so much potential!
Marietta: How did this become a Milton pep talk? My rally is about to start in half an hour!
Patty Lynn: Sometimes your brother just needs the cheering on, Marietta. You don’t, you’ve already done so much.
Martin: Do you want a pep talk? Here’s one. Your grandmother Shirley was the first female governor of Louisiana. You can be the second one if you keep your mind to it. I know that being governor of Louisiana is just status quo for us Landfields at this point, but you can make a true difference. When you were just a teenage, your grandfather Marty came to me, and you know what he said? He said, “That Marietta is going to be president one day, you just watch.” I’m watching and I’m ready.
Marietta: Well, I was class president.
Martin: Well if you don’t become president, you can always tell your grandfather that.
Marietta: I think he’d still be proud.
Martin: Not if you lose this election! Go get ready for your speech!
Marietta: Will do, dad! I just… I have to call someone really quickly.
Martin: Who is it? You don’t have much time.
Marietta: Tammy Yarborough!
Martin: The senator for New York? Why would you call her?
Marietta: She’s the one that recruited me to run! She said she was “impressed by my pedigree.”
Martin: She should be! Anyone that isn’t clearly has a screw or two loose.
Marietta: She’s also the next First Lady of the United States, and the head of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, so she’s super influential. She asked me to give her an update on the campaign, and I think that she might want to be my mentor. If that happens, I could really advance my career. I might even become a senator soon! Don’t tell mom, though! She’ll make a much bigger deal out of this than she needs to.
Martin: Then what are you waiting for? Go call her! And don’t worry, I won’t tell your mother.
Marietta makes a quick call to Tammy.
Marietta: Hi Senator Yarborough -
Tammy: You can call me Tammy!
Marietta: Alright, Tammy. How are you this fine afternoon?
Tammy: Tired. I just flew back from Iowa, and I have to go to New Hampshire tomorrow. Both of them are ice-covered hell this time of year, but I have to help Mitch campaign for the primaries. Tomorrow’s the big day in Iowa, after all.
Marietta: I wish your husband luck tomorrow.
Tammy: Thanks. The polls say he’s down 5, and they’re almost never wrong, so I’m not too confident. New Hampshire will be better, though. As long as I don’t call that one hell in public.
Marietta: That’s a strange thing to say. Did you publicly bash Iowa or something?
Tammy: I wish I could say no. But I made a stupid joke and I think I screwed Mitch over. So how’s everything going in N’Awlins?
Marietta: We’re okay. I have to give a speech in about 15 minutes, so I should probably get going. I just wanted to check in with you so you knew what was going on.
Tammy: I’m glad you called. It was nice to talk to someone that isn’t wrapped up in the crazy presidential politics. I’m so tired of it already. I’ll let you go, I have to run to the Katz’s Deli anyway. I’ve been craving a pastrami on rye for weeks.
Marietta: Ooh, I’d like to have what you’re having!
Tammy: I enjoy our conversations, Marietta. Call me if you ever need some advice. I’ll try to call you back as soon as I can.
Marietta: Sounds like a plan!
Marietta hangs up the phone and runs to talk to Martin.
Martin: Marietta! You don’t have much time until your speech. What were you doing?
Marietta: I just had the greatest conversation with Senator Yarborough! I think she’s gonna be my mentor!
Martin: That’s great!
Marietta: Now let’s get out there for that rally!
One week later. The special election is five days away.
Marietta: Mom, how’s the polling today?
Patty Lynn: You’re still way out in front. I think you’re going to be our next congresswoman!
Marietta: I still can’t believe it. I never thought Congresswoman Kampos would leave Congress.
Patty Lynn: Nobody did! All it took was a Republican president to appoint her to a useless ambassadorship to give the essence of bipartisanism. She’s living the good life over in Italy now, and she gets paid for it.
Marietta: And now I get to take her seat in the house!
Patty Lynn: Speaking of that, I think your father is ready to go canvassing in the French Quarter.
Marietta: Aren’t you going, mom?
Patty Lynn: I’ll sit this one out, Marietta. The City Council is meeting today and I’ve missed too many meetings recently. You aren’t the only one that has to worry about an election!
Marietta: Oh I know, mom. I’ll let you know how it went when we get home!
Patty Lynn: Sounds like a plan! Now go catch up with your dad, I think he started walking into the French Quarter!
Marietta: I don’t have my running sneakers on, but I’ll try and catch up to him!
Ten minutes later, Marietta catches up to Martin.
Marietta (out of breath): Dad! I found you!
Martin: Oh Marietta, how could you possibly be out of breath?
Marietta: I’ve been running for ten minutes!
Martin: You need to get more exercise! You sound like you just ran a marathon when you ran two miles.
Marietta: So, where do you want to go?
Martin: We’re gonna stop and get a drink first. You look like a camel that’s been walking in the desert for a week straight with no water.
Marietta: So in other words, I look adorable? Camels are adorable.
Martin: You look ill. Here, let’s stop at Cafe Du Monde.
Marietta: Just tell me if you want a café au lait. You don’t need to lie about my looking -
Marietta looks in the mirror of a passing car.
Marietta: Oh my god! I do look awful. I think I need to sit down for a minute.
Martin: Marietta! Don’t sit on the sidewalk! We’re almost there!
Marietta: I think I’m gonna be sick.
Marietta throws up on the sidewalk.
Martin: I’m calling your mother, you need to get home and rest.
Marietta: No, I’m fine! Don’t make me lay in bed, I want to campaign!
Martin: I think people would rather that they not see you than have you throw up on their doorstep.
Marietta: This was an isolated incident, I’m not gonna puke again.
Martin calls Patty Lynn. Marietta throws up twice before she arrives and once more in the car. Martin helps Marietta walk up the steps to her room.
Martin: So, what was that about not throwing up again?
Marietta: I lied.
Milton: What’s happening?
Martin: Your sister is sick. You’ll be canvassing with me in New Orleans now. We need to get the word out about the election no matter what.
Milton: I guess that wouldn’t be too bad. It might even be a little fun.
Martin: I agree. Your sister certainly doesn’t, but I do.
Patty Lynn: You boys go do what you need, I’ll be making chicken soup and earl grey tea for Marietta.
Marietta: Ooh, earl grey is my favorite!
Patty Lynn: Why do you think I’m making it? I only make your favorites when you’re sick.
Marietta: I’m not sick, I’m just a little under the weather. I’ll be back up tomorrow! In the meantime, I’m gonna call Tammy up.
Marietta picks up the phone and calls Tammy.
Tammy: Hello. What’s going on Marietta?
Marietta: I’ve been throwing up all day, so I’m on bed rest. I thought I’d catch up and see how you are.
Tammy: Mitch won Iowa AND New Hampshire! We’re pretty confident here on Team Yarborough!
Marietta: That’s great! I’m so nervous about the election next week.
Tammy: Marietta, I’ve been doing this for a long time. Let me give you a piece of advice. Politics is naturally scary. You can’t change that. There’s always a little voice in the back of your head saying you’re going to fail. But you can’t listen. You need to tell yourself that you will win, and enjoy your life.
Marietta: Thank you, Tammy. That makes me feel better.
Tammy: I should probably get going. I have to meet with the Attorney General of Nevada and advise her on her campaign. You’ve got this handled!
Marietta: Bye Tammy!
Meanwhile, Martin and Milton are finishing their day of canvassing for Marietta in the French Quarter.
Martin: We should do one more house and head home. It’s almost dark and your mother is bound to get worried if we aren’t home by six.
Milton: Let’s do one more house. We only have one left on this road, might as well finish it.
Martin: You go knock.
Milton knocks on the door of the final house on Rampart Street. The home’s owner opens the door.
Milton: Hello m-
Homeowner: What do you want?
Milton: I’m Milton, I’m working with the Land
Homeowner: Not interested.
Milton: At least listen to my top five reasons why John Cox should never be a US Representative!
Homeowner: I’m John Cox’s mother, so beat it!
Milton: I don’t see that as an issue. You can always vote for Landfield and lie about it!
Homeowner: Nope!
Milton: She’s the only person in this race who has committed to supporting women’s rights, protecting our planet, and protecting our New Orleanian families!
The homeowner slams the door in Milton’s face.
Milton: That was exhilarating! Dad, I think I might love politics!
Martin: Finally! I always knew you’d follow the family legacy! But, what about that Roseanne book?
Milton: Roseanne can wait! I want to be a politician!
Martin: I’ve never been prouder!
Election Night is here, and the Landfields are gathered together around the TV, waiting for the race to be called.
Marietta: It’s almost 8! The polls are just about closed!
Martin: It will be a poll closing call, I can sense it.
Patty Lynn: Now, don’t get her hopes up, Milton! You’ve been in politics for a century and you’ve never had a poll closing call.
Martin: This is different. I just have a feeling.
The clock strikes 8.
Newscaster: The time is now 8 PM and we can now project that in the special election in Louisiana’s 2nd Congressional District, Democrat Marietta Landfield has defeated Republican John Cox. Representative-elect Landfield will continue the legacy of her family, often called the “First Family of Louisiana.” Her father, uncle and both grandparents have all served as governors of the state. She is expected to take office tomorrow.
Marietta: Oh my god!!! I’m going to the House!
Patty Lynn: Congratulations, I always knew my baby girl could do it!
Milton: I’m gonna run for Marietta’s old seat In the State House!
Marietta: You always make everything about you, Milton!

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