American Housewife Season 3 Episode 12 Review

American Housewife returned with a bang last week with a stellar Little Shop of Horrors-themed episode that reunited Taylor and Tripp and was all-around just a ton of fun. This week's episode sees some mother/daughter bonding with Katie and Taylor, and some father/son bonding with Greg and Oliver.

Taylor begs Katie for new boots, but Katie doesn't want to buy them for her because she doesn't think they're appropriate. Oliver doesn't want to build a doghouse with Greg. Greg tells Katie about this, and she tells him to go to a seminar with Oliver that he's been talking about a lot.

Katie decides to ask Taylor to hang out, and Anna-Kat gives her advice on how to go about it. She texts her, and Taylor reluctantly agrees. Greg and Oliver go to the Johnny Diamond seminar together, and it helps them talk to one another. Meanwhile, Katie and Taylor also bond when they go boot shopping, which leads to ten going for lunch. Back at the seminar, Greg and Oliver do a trust fall, and  despite Greg's doubts, Oliver actually catches him. The seminar comes to a close, and Johnny Diamond tells everyone to find a loved one to work on a project with. Oliver suggests that they build the doghouse together. At lunch, Taylor admits to vaping over summer, and Katie ruins their "friend time" by turning back into a mom. The two argue, and Katie storms out.

Greg discovers that Johnny Diamond was arrested for various crimes, and Oliver decides that since Johnny Diamond was a fraud, his new bond with Greg is fraudulent too and he decides against building the doghouse with Greg. Later on, Katie tells Oliver that he should worship Greg instead of searching for someone to worship. She also talks to Taylor and they make up.


This was a decent episode, but it wasn't near the level of the midseason premiere. This episode had some strong moments, but all in all just wasn't as funny or as creative as the episode that preceded it. I would probably consider this episode to be the weakest episodes of the season, because I really just wasn't that interested in it. Katie and Taylor's plot was the weak point of the episode, and it felt very similar to tories we've seen before from the show and other ABC family comedies. The Greg and Oliver plot was definitely better, but wasn't on the level of normal storylines for the show. Nevertheless, I did enjoy the guest appearance by Cheyenne Jackson and I wish he would have had more screen time. His Johnny Diamond character seemed like a very interesting fellow and it would have been nice to learn more about him.

Score: 7/10
Grade: C+

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