Happy 4th Anniversary to The TV Ratings Guide!

We want to take a moment to thank every single person who has ever visited The TV Ratings Guide, and give a special shoutout to those who are loyal followers on the 4th anniversary of the site’s creation.

The TV Ratings Guide was created on February 8, 2015, by one person and quickly grew into a site with multiple contributors bringing various features to the site. It first started off as a blog hosted by
Wordpress, tvratingsguide.wordpress.com. Technically, the site is still accessible on the Internet, though it hasn’t been updated much since we made the transition to Blogger (our current platform) on May 2, 2015. While the page view numbers certainly showed potential on Wordpress, there were still some days where the site would get barely any views at all. It wasn’t until we made the transition to Blogger when the site really started getting views, and that escalated even more when we purchased our own domain. The domain broke over the summer of 2019, but we quickly purchased a new one. Since then, we have steadily been rebuilding the success of the site.

When The TV Ratings Guide was created, it consisted mostly of simple things like ratings prediction polls and mock schedules. While these features are still active on the site, they are much less prominent as we continue to expand our list of features. We have Renew/Cancel articles on all five broadcast networks, including a separate one for unscripted shows, and cover predictions for several cable networks as well. We also have broadcast and cable ratings databases to give a comprehensive look at recent ratings. We post daily ratings as well, and have multiple contributors who together review many different shows. Our newest feature is The TV Ratings Guide Originals (TVRGO), where various contributors write mini-scripts. So far, there are 6 shows and counting.

Since the creation of the site, we have also had partnerships with various other people. Jessica Boggs regularly gives updates on TV news via the podcast Pop Culture Cosmos, which can be found on many different podcast platforms, and we also occasionally trade articles to post. They can be found at both popculturecosmos.wordpress.com and popculturecosmos.com. You might also find some of our posts retweeted on their Twitter account, @popculturecosmo. We also have a partnership with A Virtual Scrawl (avirtualscrawl.wixsite.com) who provides us with reviews of NCIS: LA. Finally, we have a friendly relationship with the TV listings site On TV Tonight (ontvtonight.com). We could have never imagined having such partnerships in 2015, and are very grateful that we have them today.

Once again, thank you to everyone who continues to visit the site, as well as to contributors who have since moved on from here. The site’s design has changed many times over the years, and we thank you for sticking with us through everything.

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